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51 Ways to Mod Your RV51 Ways to Mod Your RV
by Mark Corgan (published July 2008)

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Excerpt: Do you find yourself daydreaming about the next modification you want to make to your RV? Do you pour over the new RV catalogs looking for that little something you can’t do without? Do you endlessly search the online RV forums for those topics about how to “mod” your RV? Does your RV “call out your name” when your sleeping, begging for you to “mod me”? If so, you have what’s called “mod fever”. This eBook is the cure…(Show more)

50 More Ways to Mod Your RVComing Soon! - 50 More

Ways to Mod Your RV
by Mark Corgan (Availability TBD)

Excerpt: This is the second ebook in a series of mod-related ebooks. It completes the remaining categories not found in 51 Ways to Mod Your RV