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51 Ways to Mod Your RV eBook

by Mark Corgan (Updated: June 2011)

Do you find yourself daydreaming about the next modification you want to make to your RV? Do you pour over the new RV catalogs looking for that little something you can’t do without? Do you endlessly search the ModMyRV forums for those topics about how to “mod” your RV? Does your RV “call out your name” when your sleeping, begging for you to “mod me”? If so, you have what’s called MOD FEVER. This ebook is the cure.

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Culled from both the author’s personal experience and the multitude of RV-related sources on the Internet, this ebook is a collection of 51 modifications you can make to your RV. Modifications, or mods as the RV community refers to them, are organized both by popularity and category. Each mod includes several thumbnail images that expand to full size when you click on them (give it a try with the image above!), a detailed explanation of the mod, and sources to where you can obtain the parts. You won’t be wondering any longer what mods to do, just which one to do first!

Here are some examples of what’s in the ebook:

There are over 100 pages and over 200 images contained in this ebook, with a complete gallery of all the images for easy viewing, and hundreds of links to resources sure to whet any mod appetite.

Mod categories (and number of mods in the category) include:

Electrical (14)
Entertainment (4)
Exterior (16)
Heating and Cooling (8)
Interior (9)

This ebook is a first in a series. Another ebook, 50 More Ways to Mod Your RV, will be available soon and will include the following categories of mods:

Interior (14)
Lighting (6)
Miscellaneous (10)
Plumbing (11)
Storage (4)
Suspension and Brakes (2)
Tires and Wheels (4)

You may purchase the ebook by clicking on the “Buy From Amazon” button and checking out using Amazon. Thanks for your purchase and happy modding!

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