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New Website -


1:56 pm
February 27, 2012



Gardnerville, NV

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ModMyRV has launched a new sister website today called PowerMyRV.

From the “About” page:

“PowerMyRV provides the RVer with the right products and information needed to make educated decisions about how to power your RV. From inverters, generators and chargers to solar, batteries and monitors, we hand pick each item in our catalog to make sure it is of the best quality, lowest price and has great customer reviews. We add new items almost daily so you have a growing selection for all your RV power needs.

We also have a blog about RV power advice for helping you choose and maintain your RV’s power needs. And you can also see products used in their native environment.”

We decided to start this website because there are so many questions and misinformation around the RV electrical needs of the luxury RVer to the boondocker, and every RVer in-between. We felt that in order to make an informed decision, you need the right information.

We aim to provide that information in the form of products, reviews and a really cool feature: guest blogging. We invite any and all RVer's to write articles for PowerMyRV that provide your RV power experiences, how-to's, installs and general information. Please visit the “Guest Blogger” page for more information.

You can also like PowerMyRV on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We are just getting started so help us spread the RV Power love!

4:21 pm
June 18, 2014



2 doesn't seem to be an operating site any longer. Am I missing something?

9:37 am
January 25, 2018


Mod Newbie


posts 5


said: doesn't seem to be an operating site any longer. Am I missing something?

Yep. Looks like it's no longer available.

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