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Contribute Your Mods!
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9:20 am
September 25, 2008



Gardnerville, NV

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Hello fellow modders. It’s been a while since I’ve posted a new mod. Things have been really crazy the past month and I have had no time to contribute. So to ensure that the site gets fresh content in a timely manner, I would like your help. I’m calling on all members to contribute their mods. To contribute, simply submit your mod details with images and resource links and I will format and post them under the Mod of the Day and the ModTalk forum sections. You will get full credit and the glory of your mod appearing in the spotlight! And if there is enough interest, I will work to enable member mod submissions through the site. For now, please submit your mods via email to Let’s see how many mods we can get on the site. I’m certain there are hundreds that could be shared with those in need. Thanks for your assistance and happy modding!

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