Mod #98: Rear Scissor Jacks Replacement

Mod #98: Rear Scissor Jacks Replacement

Submitted on: 08/17/10

     Category: exterior, suspension
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Mod Description:

This modification was designed and completed by ModMyRV member jfdrewett. This article carries a copyright. Permission must be obtained from the author before duplication or reposting.

Well, we had to flip the axles on our 5er to make it ride level with the FL70. The scissor jacks just barely reached the ground before and now blocks became a requirement. The affair was rickety to say the least and getting the trailer stable was a chore. I spent some time researching my options and nothing really appealed to me as a strong stable solution. I couldn’t find scissor jacks tall enough 31″ and stabilizer bars might work if I had a solid jack to connect them to. So I decided to get a little creative on my own.

Mod Difficulty:

I started by removing the existing jack and leaving the top brackets attached. The old jacks were 2 1/4″ wide inside the top brackets. Headed down to the local metal supply to look for some square tubing and found they had telescoping tube in exactly the right dimensions. I bought 2 - 10′ pieces of 2 1/4″ tube for the cross members and 1 - 5′ length of 2″ tube for the sliders welded to the jacks.

I had them cut the 10′ pieces to length and cut the 5′ piece in half. The cross members bolted right up to the old scissor jack brackets with no drilling (got lucky). I made some small plates to bolt the 2 crossmembers together. Next, I had a local welder attach the 2″ pieces to the square jacks and add a couple of gussets for extra strength. The jacks are about $40.00 each at Harbor Freight and rated at 3600lbs each.

The holes in the telescoping tubing are 7/16″. Home Depot has pins and keepers this size in their slide out trays in the hardware department (got lucky again).

When you’re not using the jacks you just pull them out and rotate 90 degrees, then slide them in and pin them.

It takes more time collecting the parts than to install this setup and I’m happy to say our trailer is rock solid now.

If you have one of those “If this trailer is rockin” stickers on your rig you will need to remove it.

ModMyRV recommends these parts for this mod:

Bulldog Square Tube Trailer Jack - 5000lb. Capacity
3500 Lb. Capacity Drop Leg Trailer Jack
7/16 X 3 - 2-9/16 Cotterless Hitch Pin

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10 Comments For This Mod

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  1. oldelmer1

    Very interesting idea, but will the welds and the gussets hold up to lots of pressure. When I setup I have my front jacks a 1/4 bubble from level, then I set my rear scissor jacks on my 5th wheel. Then I raise my front jacks to level out, putting lots of pressure on the rear jacks. I’d be afraid the welds and gussets would break.

    But, GREAT IDEA!!!! Thanks for sharing..

  2. jfdrewett

    It’ll lift the back of the trailer off the ground so I think we’ll be ok. It’s has double gussets welded all the way around. I’m sure there are varitions that some could come up with that would improve the design.

  3. Deepwoods

    I did the same thing to a flatbed trailer used to haul my tractor and front end loader. I did the welding myself using two crank jacks I bought at tractor supply and they have held just fine. The only thing I found was that when mouted on the frame near the turn signals the turn signal brackets work great to hold the cranks out of the way when the jacks are folded up. I wrapped the shafts of the crank handles with electrical tape where they come into contact with the light brackets and they don’t chatter then. If my old Lincoln welder and my chicken scratching welds hold, there should be no problem with someone that that knows what their doing.

  4. Benny

    Could you of used the bumbler and modified the jacks to fit in the ends of the bumpers?

  5. sdayman

    Most bumpers aren’t any good for supporting weight. The metal is too thin. They’re not even suitable for mounting a bike rack.

  6. bmorosco

    Yeah the more I thought about it the bumper sits to far back to give you a good support.

  7. hobhancock

    I had this mod in mind this weekend when I set my trailer. I was kind of on slope where the back end was about 2 feet from the ground, but the front of the trailer I had to lower all the way down which put the front more like 6 inches from the ground. Is there a way to make this mod work in both situations?

    Awesome mod no doubt.

  8. Steve

    I will be doing this mod in the near future, I have been carrying around 2 concerete pier blocks when ever we travel for the last 5 years and that needs to stop. I believe the only change I will make to this set up is welding the two cross members together rather than bolting them togehter. Thanks for the idea!

  9. Devron

    Where did you get the tubing from?

  10. drewgidlof

    Just joined and found this mod. How did it hold up?

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