Mod #92: Under Cabinet Air Circulation Fan

Mod #92: Under Cabinet Air Circulation Fan

Submitted on: 01/16/10

     Category: cooling, heating
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Mod Description:

Heating and cooling your RV can pose a bit of a challenge at times. Even though the overall comfort level in your RV feels good, there can be cold and hot spots because of the irregular shapes of today’s RVs. With multiple slides, bunk beds, creative cabinetry, and hybrid tenting, there are often areas that are not the same temperature as the rest of the RV. Using an air circulation fan can really help in those problem areas and Vornado Air Circulation Systems has just the right solution.

Mod Difficulty:

Vornado has a really nice modern looking fan that mounts under most any cabinet or shelf in your RV. The beauty of this fan is that it can fold up flat when not in use, so it doesn’t get in your way. But wait! There’s more. The fan also rotates 360 degrees, providing air circulation in any direction. You must manually rotate the fan but once you have it set, you don’t have to worry about. If you need air directed in a different direction, just rotate the fan and it stays put.

One area of an RV that suffers from inconsistent temperatures is the slideout. Most late model RVs have large slideouts and none that I am aware of have heater or A/C vents within them. The slide sits outside the RV box and can suffer from cold and heat soak. So this is where I want to circulate some air towards.

I located an area in the corner of my travel trailer’s kitchen, the perfect spot for mounting the fan as it will face the slideout. One thing I should mention is that these fans are 120 VAC only, so you need to be sure your mounting location is near an AC receptacle. Fortunately I have an outlet just next to the mounting location I selected.

With the exception of higher-end RVs, most RV cabinetry uses hollow core bottoms, meaning that there is a lower and upper bottom panel with a space in between that makes up the floor of the cabinet. This saves a considerable amount of weight but poses a slight challenge when mounting the Vornado fan.

When tightening the mounting screws, the two panels that make up the cabinet bottom can pull toward each other, making it difficult to tighten the screws enough so as to secure the fan. Fortunately, I have a dividing wall inside the cabinet where I am mounting the fan. This prevents the two panels from collapsing toward each other, allowing the mounting screws to be tightened enough to not come loose. If your under cabinet mounting location doesn’t have enough support, you can use cylindrical nylon inserts. Drill a hole in the top panel large enough for the insert to go through but only drill a small hole in the bottom panel for the screw to pass through. Use a washer large enough to cover the insert hole and when you tighten the screw, the insert will prevent the panels from collapsing toward each other and the screws can be tightened as needed.

Mounting the fan is simple and straightforward. There is a template the comes with the fan which is used to mark where the holes need to be drilled. After drilling the holes according to the template, I discovered that the mounting screws that came with the fan were too short to pass through an RV cabinet as they are thicker than a residential cabinet bottom panel. A quick trip to the harwdare store remedied the situation. I did learn though that the screws that came with the fan were metric, 4mm by 25mm. I bought 4mm by 50mm which was long enough to pass through the two panels and secure the fan.

After securing the fan using the longer screws, the only thing left was to route the AC cord to the receptacle. Fortunately, this was but a few inches away from the fan. The fan comes with a sticky clip that attaches to the cabinet and helps make for a clean cord routing.

The fan met all my expectations. I can sit in the dinette or sofa area and feel a nice breeze, not to strong and not too weak. With two speeds, the fan can be adjusted to your comfort level. Having the ability to rotate the fan is a nice feature in case you need to move air around in other directions.

TipBecause the Vornado fan is 120 VAC only, you may think it cannot be used while boondocking. This is not strictly true. If you have a small inverter, you can power one of these fans from an inverter as small as a 75 watts. The fan only draws about 30 watts on high so it won’t drain your battery any more quickly than a dual overhead light fixture.

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Vornado Under Cabinet Air Circulation Fan

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4 Comments For This Mod

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  1. rvoutreach

    We did this mod and really like the fan. We did a review of it if you’re interested, it is at

  2. ModMyRV

    @rvoutreach: Nice write-up! Looks like you came to the same conclusions I did. I also thought about mounting the fan through only the lower cabinet panel but thought the 1/8″ panel may be too weak and possibly crack after repeated opening and closing of the fan. Does your lower panel flex any when opening/closing the fan?

    Also, I like the fact that you took power draw readings. It just further shows that this fan can work well in a boondocking situation using a small inverter.

  3. roncryderman

    I installed my fan this past weekend with a few modifications. Since plug ins are few and far between in my 5th Wheel, I placed the fan on a collapsible shelf in the bedroom. I cut the 12″ shelf to 7″ to save room. We’re really looking forward to cool air this coming summer.

  4. rvoutreach

    We don’t get any flexing on ours as it is mounted close enough to the edges to have some support.

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