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Mod #87: Custom Bumper Storage Boxes

Posted By ModMyRV On September 17, 2009 @ 4:02 pm In exterior, storage | 10 Comments

This mod comes to us from ModMyRV member Arcing and is copyright with all rights reserved.

Another adventure in design and modification: I’ve seen many trailers with generators and boxes and platforms on the rear. After looking at many, I decided I would like to have some more storage for my junk. I began planning to add storage to the rear bumper. I looked at many boxes, Rubbermaid and other various plastic boxes. They seemed pretty cheap and I could carry a lot but all of them were at least 25 inches at the bottom.

Mod Difficulty:

I looked at many truck boxes from various manufacturers. Most of these run 17 to 19 inches on the bottom, but 20-24 inches across the top. I decided with a tire carrier on one side and a truck box on the other, the trailer would look lopsided. Plus I wasn’t happy with adding 22 inches to the rear of the trailer. That would be 10 or more inches beyond the spare tire.

I began looking at tongue boxes. I could put one on each side of the tire and it would look balanced. A bit triangle shaped, I looked at Harbor Freight and many others, even on eBay. I found a person on eBay making tongue boxes, and custom Diamond Plate items. EVEN CUSTOM BOXES made by MAP Welding and Fabrication . I emailed and called Mark Proul to discuss what I needed and he quickly gave me a quote. I checked 4 places on the west coast that make custom boxes and a local person. The price quoted was less than most could buy the metal for.

I paid for the boxes quickly. These are nice custom boxes. My dimensions were 30 inches wide, 12 inches front to back, and 16 inches high. The rear bumper is 92 inches, the spare is about 27 inches. But If I got larger tires in the future they would not be over 32 inches. So each box became 30 inches. 16 inches high does not cover the license plate from the rear. And the 12 inches is very close to the amount the spare tire sticks out.

Initially I had planned to surround the bottom of the diamond plate boxes with the angle iron. I decided I was over building and that it would detract from the look. So I went with just building a strong base. I had over 350 pounds standing on the bases and they didn’t even flex.

The total weight of the boxes, base, and receivers is 78 pounds. The last time I weighed the trailer, the front tires were 100 pounds heavier than the rear. This modification allows me to move weight to the rear and lighten my 1,050 pound tongue weight. Total weight is well under the posted limits of the tires. When I hit Oregon in a couple of months I’ll check each tire/axle again and reposition weight as necessary.

ModMyRV recommends these parts for this mod:
Valley 2in. RV Bumper Hitch, Model# 75300

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