Mod #71: Shower Dispenser

Mod #71: Shower Dispenser

Submitted on: 02/16/09

     Category: interior
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Mod Description:

The RV shower dispenser is another one of those mods that should come from the factory as standard, or at least be an option when ordering. RV showers are already small enough and having to find a place for your shampoo, soap, and lotion is no easy feat. There are several solutions to this issue, such as wall-mount wire racks, or just reaching out of the shower to grab what you need from the sink counter. But there is a neat solution to this “problem”. It’s the RV shower dispenser. And after you mod your RV with one, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Mod Difficulty:

Installing one of these dispensers is one of the easiest mods you can do to your RV. Almost all dispensers are mounted using double-sided tape and silicone glue. This is the easiest way to go. The other less popular and slightly more difficult way is to use wall anchors and screws. While this will work is most residential installations, RV interior walls are generally hollow, so the supplied plastic wall anchors won’t work very well. If you must go this route, use butterfly style anchors. These spread out behind the wall and offer good mounting security.

If you opt for the integrated 3-chamber dispenser, there are two ways to go, mounting the housing on a flat wall or the corner mount style. Since most RV showers are small, corner mounting in the front part of the shower stall will give you the most room. If you have a corner style, or triangular shower enclosure, mounting the dispenser directly below the shower head bracket will make the best of the available room.

Once you have decided how and where you will mount the dispenser, clean the area thoroughly with rubbing alcohol to remove any soap film. If the surface you are mounting to is molded fiberglass, it must be cleaned with nail polish remover without oil. This eliminates any wax residue left behind by the molding process.

After cleaning, test fit the dispenser in the location where you want to mount it to ensure there is enough clearance to remove the chambers for both cleaning and filling. Now remove the chamber from the mounting bracket. This will help reduce the weight of the assembly so the glue can dry without the risk of the unit falling off the wall. Of course, if you are using wall anchors, this won’t be a problem.

Here is where you choose whether you want to flat or corner mount because it makes a difference where the double sided tape and glue goes. Once you have decided, affix the four double sided tape pieces to the appropriate corner areas on the bracket. Along the two sides of the bracket, there is an rectangular area to spread the glue on. Spread a generous amount on but not too much as you don’t want glue oozing out from the sides. If it does, clean immediately.

Next, press the bracket firmly against the wall and hold for a few seconds. The tape should easily hold the weight but you want to ensure the glue spreads out under pressure. This will ensure a good bond with the wall and bracket. Let the glue dry for at least a few hours before mounting the dispenser chambers to the bracket.

Finally, place the chambers in to the bracket and fill with desired shampoo, soap, and lotion. The dispenser kit will usually come will label stickers for each type of liquid, so be sure to affix them to the right dispenser. Now you’re done. No more reaching out of the shower or fumbling around for the soap!

ModMyRV recommends these parts for this mod:
Shower Soap and Shampoo Dispenser

Shower Dispenser Installation Video

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12 Comments For This Mod

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  1. jmt

    Personally my wife uses 3-4 shampoo’s and conditioners over the course of 2-3 days. We have a great corner shower caddy that works for all 9 of our bottles. (Crazy I know) Because our caddy is low it doesn’t appear to take up any space.

  2. Bob Vaughn

    My wife does the same…..So I think the(wife’s) bath shower soap, the shampoo and my shower soap….The other stuff can remain in the caddie…..btw I hate bar soap slivers……there should be a way to recycle them ?

  3. ModMyRV

    Hey that’s funny Bob. Recycling soap slivers…who woulda thunk? You might be on to something there. Everyone wants to find that million dollar idea right?

  4. Bob Vaughn

    In the olden days before RV’s they made soap in a kettle over an open fire….why not take all the slivers and small left over pieces of soap and just melt them in a double boiler….then just pour the mixture into a small soap container that you carry your bar soap in your suit case and just let it cool….I will check with a friend of mine that makes glycerine soap…..

  5. zingingablenessedly

    We bought the 3 container unit from Advise to get from Home Depot or Lowes instead. Be sure to fill the containers first to see if they leak, as no use putting it up if it leaks and you have to exchange it. Be sure to follow instructions completely in regard to installing the back bracket. The container part slides onto the back bracket. Ours fell off after the first road trip, and somehow pieces of both parts broke off. Had to order exact same one from Amazon, then returned the broken container part. Have no idea how first one fell, as one really has to push on it to get it into place. Haven’t had any problems with the replacement. Be aware, it may be impossible to take off the big clunky back brace if you ever decide to not use the canisters. We’re very happy with it. Easy to refill - just take the top lid off. Comes with little name tags in 3-4 languages. We use the top to store shaver and toothbrush, etc.

  6. Travis

    I did that one. I take it off the wall in the house and move it to the RV when were on the road. works for me.

  7. Mary

    There is something out there to recycle soap slivers. Go to your local Big Lots store and in cosmetic isle they have these neat little mesh bags with a locking ball at the top. I use one in my shower every day. My husband prefers the bars and I like the mesh bag to exfoliate my skin.

  8. wowlites

    This is a “Must Do Mod”. We did this Mod last summer, and now no more bottles in the shower to store when we pull up camp. Our dispenser has 2 bottles seperated by a wire catch-all basket, for razors,mesh scrubs etc.

  9. killamajig

    I plan on doing this, but heck no will I drill into the shower walls for something like this as some have suggested. I recommend instead a 3M Command adhesive strip like the one here:

    I use these for all mounting needs in my RV. They have incredible holding power and they leave no trace when removed.

  10. sdayman

    The dispenser my trailer came with fell off the wall on my last return trip. I ordered a nicer three-chamber one like in the pictures and hopefully did a better job mounting it than that last owners. The corner mount seemed to be more in the way than just mounting it close to the corner.

  11. RollingB

    We did this but bought the 3 chamber one at Home Depot. Easy to do and added it in the corner. Before applying silicone made sure it would slide up OK to remove and also made sure it was easy to get your hand under it as it’s above a molded in shelf.

  12. Brian

    Does anyone know where I can get a single pump replacement for this model, I have the one with three chambers, however one pump stopped working, consequently I have found one of the small rubber washers, (there are two inside the pump) has come loose,there is no way to get into this to replace the washer so it looks like I will need to replace the pump,unfortunately the guarantee has now expired.

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