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Mod #62: Countertop Ironing Board

Posted By ModMyRV On December 27, 2008 @ 5:25 pm In interior, miscellaneous | 4 Comments

This mod was originally done by Ron & Dianne Fry from Anacortes, Washington and first appeared on RVTravel.com.

Many RVers couldn’t care less about whether they have a wrinkle or two in their clothing. An iron and ironing board are the last things they want to bring camping. Full time RVers, on the other hand, sometimes need to dress up for church, a funeral, weddings or just for fun and therefore need an iron and ironing board. The problem is not the iron, but the ironing board. Because of it’s size, it is difficult to find a place to store and use it. Here is how one innovative RVer solved this problem.

Mod Difficulty:

Ron & Dianne Fry from Anacortes, Washington came up with an entirely new approach to this issue. Many RVs have these small protruding shelves somewhere near the galley. They don’t really serve any purpose except as a platform to collect junk. Ron decided to make this island shelf into an ironing table. To accomplish this he used a small ironing board and attached it to a plywood box. The box slides neatly onto the island shelf.

Notice the box is lined with carpet so it won’t scratch the surface of the island shelf. Also note the box is designed to grip the lip of the island shelf to hold it firmly in place. Dianne enjoys this design because the board swivels in a 180 degree arc making it easier to iron.

Ron drilled a hole through the ironing board and the box with a counter sink under the box, and on top of the ironing board. With a washer in between the board and the box, the ironing board freely rotates while the bolt is flush with the surface of the box and the board.

The beauty of this mod is that it is so simple to do and takes up much less storage than a large ironing board. It’s also temporary and can be easily used and put away. As for the iron, you can use a combination iron and ironing board mount
Screw Mount Iron & Ironing Board Holder
mounted inside a small closet, now that the ironing board and swivel shelf mount take up much less space than a traditional size ironing board.

ModMyRV recommends these parts for this mod:
Rev-A-Shelf Vanity Fold-Out Ironing Board
Camco 43904 RV Folding Ironing Board
Wall Mount for Ironing Board and Iron

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