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Mod #60: Sewer Hose Storage Tube

Posted By ModMyRV On December 20, 2008 @ 6:49 pm In featured, plumbing | 19 Comments

Most folks don’t think twice about storing their sewer hose in their RVs square tube rear bumper. That’s what it’s for, right? But over time, rust can build up inside the RV bumper, eventually causing it weaken and possibly crack. The sewer hose can also become worn through after repeated insertion and removal from the bumper. The last thing you need is a to spring a big leak when you are draining your black water tank, especially in front of the ten people in line behind you at the dump station.

Mod Difficulty:

Another good reason to add a sewer hose storage tube is if your RV was fitted from the factory with the impossibly short “through-wall” storage tube. Most of these are only two to three feet long and are barely adequate enough to fit a six foot sewer hose. Sometimes you’re farther away from the dump station inlet than six feet so you need a longer hose, preferably at least ten feet long.

There are many ways to add a storage tube to your RV. Valterra (see links below) makes a nice kit that easily mounts, using four screws, to most anywhere you have room on your RV. Many folks mount the tube on the underside of their RV near the holding tank dump valves. This makes it very convenient to get to when at the dump station. Tube sizes range from 18″ all the way to 94″ and the kit comes with a screw cap and tether as well to ensure your sewer hose and cap stays put.

Another way to add a storage tube is to go custom. You can build one of these tubes fairly easily by using 4″ diameter PVC tubing (go 5″ or even 6″ if you want to keep your hose ends on) and two residential sewer clean-out screw caps, found at any home improvement center. Cut to your desired length and mount using plastic u-brackets to avoid rusting. Add screw cap adapters to each end of the tubing, attach a tether to the end of each cap and secure tether to the RV. Attaching the tether to the RV, like to the flooring or frame, instead of the tubing prevents the sewer hose from catching on the screw when inserting or removing the hose. Using a rivet instead of a screw for securing the tether to the tube will work if you can get your riveting tool to fit inside the tubing when using the compressing the rivet.

An alternative to the round tube is the “fence post” or square tube hose carrier. This really just a vinyl fence post and generally only comes in 4″ or 6″ sizes, so be sure if you go with the 6″ size, you have enough space to mount it. The end caps are a little different though in that they don’t screw on like the round tube carrier. You will have to use some sort of hinge to attach the caps to the ends of the tube, so that you can simply pull on one side of the cap and it will swing out of the way. Optionally, you can attach a tether to the end cap, but the hinges should keep the cap from wandering off.

TipIn order for your sewer hose to be able to dry out, it is necessary to provide some ventilation to the tubing. This can be done by either using an end cap that is slotted or by drilling several 3/8″ holes along the bottom of the tube. As you travel down the road, the air flow around the tube will help suck the moisture out.

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Valterra 46 Inch Sewer Hose EZ Carrier

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