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Mod #44: Bunk Bed Rails

Posted By Mark Corgan On July 21, 2008 @ 5:58 am In interior | 9 Comments

This mod is closely related to the bunk bed ladder mod. Once the kids climb up the ladder and in to the bunk, you need some way to ensure they cannot fall out while playing in the “fort” or while sleeping. No parent likes to hear the terrible “thud” sound in the middle of the night. So how can you avoid having to sleep with one eye and one ear open? Do the bunk bed rail mod.

Mod Difficulty:

Depending on the style of bunk beds in your RV, you can either use the rails you may already have at home, or you can buy something at most large retailers. The key is to find rails that are strong enough to hold up against the weight of a child pushing against it yet be portable enough to easily setup, take down, and stow.

One popular solution is the collapsible/foldable bed rail made by DEX (see links below). The rail has an anchor strap that positions the bed rail firmly against the bunk mattress. It is JMPA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) certified, which means it must be tested by an independent testing facility for compliance with the specific ASTM (American Society for Testing & Materials) standards. If it passes the tests, JPMA allows the manufacturer to label it with the JPMA Certified Seal, assuring that it is safe for your child.

Another solution is to custom build a bunk rail that more precisely fits the bunks in your RV, particularly bunks in a class C, which are considerably wider than a standard bunk. What is most important is how the rail is anchored to the bunk. The collapsable type described above, while safe, might not provide the strongest mounting solution. A rail made out of wood and fastened to the bunk frame will go a long way to ensuring your childs safety. Just be sure you design a solution that allows both quick removal of the rail and secure placement of a bunk ladder. You never know what other “accident” might happen that requires quick access to your little one.

ModMyRV recommends these parts for this mod:
Regalo Hide Away Exrta Long Bed Rail - White
Dex Products Safe Sleeper Bed Rail Ultra

General Reference
JMPA.org - Dedicated to promoting the industry and the safe use of juvenile products

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