Mod #43: Bunk Bed Ladder

Mod #43: Bunk Bed Ladder

Submitted on: 07/20/08

     Category: interior
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Mod Description:

Kids love bunk beds. But for younger children, and even some adults, the top bunk in an RV can be difficult to get in to. Most RV manufacturers don’t supply a ladder with the RV, probably due to safety and/or liability issues. So what can you do to make sure your little monkeys can have a safe way to climb up to the top bunk? Do the bunk bed ladder mod.

Mod Difficulty:

You can choose to either buy a purpose-built ladder specifically for RV bunks, or build your own if your handy enough. A purpose-built ladder might not look as nice as a custom one but you can be assured it will hold up if used within its limits. This is not to say a custom-built one is inferior. On the contrary, going custom means you can overbuild and make it a permanent part of the bunk bed structure, even matching its color to your RV’s interior trim.

A purpose-built ladder will generally come with an installation kit. You can use the ladder free standing but it is suggested that you use the kit to ensure the ladder cannot move under load. The kit consists of either hooks affixed to the top of the ladder which go over the bunk bed rail, or semi-permanent brackets mounted to the bunk rail that the top of the ladder snaps in to. What you use will depend on whether you want the ladder to be movable only by you or by your kids.

TipEnsure any ladder you use that is not permanently affixed has some way of preventing the feet of the ladder from slipping under load. Rubber end caps placed on the ends of the ladder will provide good slip protection on wood or linoleum flooring, as well as carpeting. These caps are generally provided with purpose-built ladders.

ModMyRV recommends these parts for this mod:
TopLine Bunk Ladder 66″ Hook w/1.5″ Opening

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1 Comments For This Mod

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  1. sdayman

    I just finished mine this week:

    I used 1×3 White Oak boards and 1-9/16 dowels. The boards came out to about 48″ and I cut the dowels to 12″. I used a spade bit to drill into the Oak every one foot for the rungs. The spade bit pokes through the oak, giving me a good spot to drill back and screw in 2½” lag bolts with washers.

    For securing the ladder to the bunk, I used L brackets cut down for the height of the lip of the bunk. I put stick-on rubber feet on the bottom of the ladder.

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