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Newbie but Older than Dirt


3:09 pm
December 21, 2017


Mod Newbie

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Recently traded an American Tradition for a Freightliner Semi RV conversion and know nothing about the house side of the truck. No manuals at all so having to figure it all out with a multi-meter and flipping switches. Bumped into MOD article when researching the thermostat in my RV and up pops an article about adding LEDS to indicate when the furnace is on. Because of that, I joined the mod forum and look forward to digging into the info available here. Hope to add to the knowledge base as I sort the new truck/RV out. Have added several led indicator/warning lights to my Hummer control panels so might be able to add info in that regard. 

9:11 am
January 15, 2018


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Welcome to ModMyRv. 

Feel free to post your mods in the Member Mods forum

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