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New Members from Panama City Fl


5:00 pm
January 23, 2018


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We just purchased a pre owned Winnebago Sightseer 2003 from a private owner.  Prior to this, we owned a 20 foot tow behind. We have spent a month or so (weather dependent) preparing the RV the way we want, and it is coming along great.It is low mileage and actually was in very good condition, just needed some sprucing up. Looking forward to heading up to the Henry Ford Museum this coming spring to begin our exploring. We have traveled Europe, Australia, Canada, Hawaii, Carribean, and numerous other countries, but now it is time to see more of America. Both in our 70's but anxious to hit the road. We lived in Missouri all our lives, but moved to Fla about 5 years ago to be close to family. So now us and our two cats are about to begin a new experience, again!

6:36 pm
January 23, 2018


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Welcome neighbour. Since you travel with cats you may find my solution to the “cat Box” problem interesting.

also  just for fun   

9:35 am
January 25, 2018


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