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Howdy from East TN


6:47 pm
March 18, 2018


Mod Newbie

East TN

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Hey there. The wife recently picked up our new Keystone Premier 22RPBR. This is our third RV, 2 TT's and a 33' class 'A'. The mods started before it even left the dealership…literally 20 minutes after signing the paperwork we realized that it did not have a 110V outlet in the main living area. You gotta wonder what these engineers/designers are thinking! Well, my wife works virtually, so an outlet near the dinette is essential in order to use her laptop. I rather forcefully explained to our new service manager and our salesman that we needed an outlet near the dinnette. Needless to say they added an outlet, but not without a discounted labor charge.

Since then I've personally added two Fantastic fan covers. A second outlet in the kitchen…the original one is up under the cabinet where the coffe pot cord won't even reach! Again, you gotta wonder what these engineers/designers are thinking! And, I've added a wall mounted fan in the “master suite.”

The next mod on the list is a battery disconnect switch.


6:54 am
March 19, 2018

Bob Vaughn

Mod Guru

Seffner, Florida

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I can assure you that those that design them are not users…..they are clueless as to the needs of an RVer…..Just what looks good in their Cad design program.  Also what the design program looks like on their computer screen is not what rolls out of the factory door…..

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