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Want to Modify the Framing of Motorhome


11:40 am
September 1, 2017


Mod Newbie

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We have a 1996 El Dorado Class C Motorhome we've been working on for a while.  Right now we have the entire back wall removed to repair significant water damage.  Currently the rear wall slopes inward up to the roof and down to the frame, creating a pointed back end.  What I would like to do is remove the slope from the rear wall from the point to the roofline, making the rear wall perpendicular to the ground.  The inward slope on the bottom third would remain.  I realize we would need to extend the roofline, and I think I have a solution for that, but I'm concerned about the engineering involved in changing the structure.  Has anyone done something like this?  Do you think it's possible.  It will add about 6″ to the roof length, and make the inside feel bigger.  

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