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air conditioner & 2000i Honda Generator


6:27 pm
October 19, 2016


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Found an answer to using a 2000 generator to power a 13.5 or 15K air conditioner.

EasyStart is a “soft start” circuit that actually works. I purchased the board only for about 150 bucks, added a case and new start capacitor. Wiring change and install was very quick and easy on my 2008 Coleman 13.5 AC.

After the install I connected my Honda 200i and was amased that not only did it power the AC, the generator ran on ECCO function. This means the little red generator was not under any stress what so ever. When the compressor kicks off the generator goes to idle. When the compressor kicks back on the generator just increases to mid range. Just amasing !!!!

Here is a link to the device.

or goto

Video at.

or search youtube:  softstart air conditioner

6:20 pm
November 10, 2016


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Since the install back in Oct 2016 I have used the air conditioner and little red honda many times. No problems what-so-ever. Honda powers the MH and airconditioner for about 1.3 gallons of gas per 24 hours. Granted the nights are cooler than in say July, but according to my bride you could hang beef in the bedroom year round.

My next mod will be to change to a programable T-stat.


10:39 pm
June 7, 2017


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I put the micro-air easy start 364 in. My briefcase genny is rated for 1600 continuous / 2000 peak, but derated by 30 percent for my altitude won't quite do the job. I'm looking to change to a westinghouse 2400I which has 2100 running , 2400 starting watts … Should do the job even up here. The easy start did everything they claim

6:42 pm
September 27, 2017


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Update on the Honda and MicroAir mod:  Another year of even more boondocking and using the Honda to cool the RV. We usually camped for 2-3 days with the Honda running the entire time (with external gas tank). 71 hours with one start says volumes for the little red generator.  After each trip I changed the oil using Mobil 1 30wt.

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