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98 Holiday Rambler Generator Mod


2:48 pm
October 19, 2019


Mod Newbie

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So my new to me motorhome came with an Onan Marquis 5500.  The last trip from Missouri, NC, Florida I think the head gasket blew which blew the exhaust pipe off the muffler.  It still runs but the thing is a mess and have the plastics are melted.  It would probably cost more to repair.

So the mod.  I have 20 years of engine and electrical work in the Marines so this makes sense to me.  I have a brand new Briggs and Stratton Storm Responder 30 amp 6250 watts generator that I have never used for anything.  After doing a good inspection, I can literally takes the guts and control panel off the generator frame by removing 4 bolts with engine mounts and disconnecting the fuel lines.  I have already removed the Onan from the RV and there is AMPLE room for this install.  The only think I see being a cause for concern is dropping from 50 amp to 30 but I have a switch box that does that automatically.  Mounts could be created by pressure treated 2×4 that would bolt into the existing holes for the Onan.  The wiring would remian for the onan in the event I fix this one or purchase a new one in the future.  I can run the power directly into the wiring harness OR an easier fix just use the shore power plug and feed it though either the storage boxes OR fix it underneath the rig.  This way I can still run shore power at a park.  The engine itself is pull start so thats a bummer.

Sound is my primary concern.  This generator is loud as it is so I was thinking about soundproofing the compartment as much as possible.  

Any ideas, suggestions? 

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