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Site Changes at ModMyRV
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7:51 am
June 5, 2008



Gardnerville, NV

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You may have noticed some problems accessing over the last few days. The hosting service we are using was having some database stability issues but seems to have to reconciled the problem. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope it has not discouraged you from continuing to share your mods. Despite the host issues, we are trudging on with some significant changes to the website we hope you will like.

Initially, we wanted to offer an eBook detailing popular modifications folks like you do to your RV, and a discussion forum for those that want to talk about those mods. Judging by the number of demo eBook downloads during the short time has been around, making mods to your RV is something that has a lot of interest and so we decided to change things up a bit for your benefit. So now for the good, bad, and the ugly.

First the ugly. We may possibly be moving to a new website host if our current host keeps having stability problems. So there might be some downtime during the site move. We are very sensitive to your insatiable need to get your mod fix so if we do move the site, we will let you know well in advance and also how long you will be doing without.

Now the bad. won’t be offering the eBook as initially planned. Maybe sometime down the road, but unfortunately not at this time.

And now the best part: the good. We will be offering modders free access to all mods proposed in the eBook (all 101 of them!) as daily mod posts to the website. We think this will be of greater benefit not only because it’s now free, but we can reach many more modders without having to worry about whether the eBook will run on whatever computer you have, and provide a venue for much more discussion among fellow modders.

Here is how it will work: Each day, a new mod will be posted under the “Mod of the Day” tab, which will replace the “Must-Do Mods” tab. Each post will contain images, detailed explanations, and resources about the mod just like it would have appeared in the eBook. You may comment and rate each mod as well. Once posted, the mod will also appear in the ModTalk forum suited to the type of mod. You may access the forum post from a link at the top of the “Mod of the Day” post, or directly from the ModTalk forums page, where you can start a discussion about the mod.
For now, this should be the only major change from the original website, but there will be some nice additions for you modders coming soon so stay tuned and happy modding!

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