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TV problems! TV’s won’t play


5:28 pm
January 23, 2018


Mod Newbie

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Hi! New here and at owning an RV. We purchased a pre owned unit from a private owner. It is a 2003 model and it was wired for a satelite system. Not sure what all the prior owner had done related to the TV,but we do know he had a DVD and all his sat equipment connected. He kept his sat components and the DVD, we did not want them anyway. The RV has two separate wall connections, one for the sat system and one for the cable system. We purchased and installed two new TV's, a Samsung Smart TV for the front and a small Insignia for the bedroom,connected both to the cable connections installed in the wall of the RV.

So yesterday we made our first shakedown run to a very nice RV park. Depsite all our attempts, we could not get the cable system to function. The man at the RV park checked with his meter if we had a  cable signal and  also checked inside the RV for us, again we had a very good signal at the end of the cable coming from the wall. This is at the front of the RV. As a test, we ran a cable directly from the cable post in a window directly to the small tv in the bedroom, and our reception was perfect. So we are at a loss as to what we need to install. We did turn off the signal booster on the cable connector as well. The only line connected to the large TV is the cable line, same with the small TV in the bedroom. That is all we had in the tow behind as well and the TV worked. So this must have something to do with the sat system that the owner took out but we can't figure out what or why. Also, when the RV is in the driveway we get perfect reception on both from the wifi in our home. So the tv's are both set up and should play with no issues. I wish. Anyone have an idea what we need to do? It is not like the Geek Squad can figure out an RV issue!

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