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Help with fridge


11:25 pm
March 14, 2009


Mod Enthusiast

posts 16


I know this isn't the right forum because it's not really a mod question, but I hope someone can give me some guidance.  I opened up the side fridge panel and noticed something that looks like rust (image below).  I'm not sure if I should be worried about this and how i should go about fixing it.  Any suggestions?


[Image Removed by User]

11:37 am
March 15, 2009



Gardnerville, NV

posts 302


It looks like your picture didn't make it. Would you mind reposting the image? Thanks.

4:51 pm
March 15, 2009


Mod Enthusiast

posts 16


Hopefully this works

7:42 am
March 16, 2009

Bob Vaughn

Mod Guru

Seffner, Florida

posts 261


That is just sheet metal….It covers the flue and the fire box…..You should be able to brush on some Naval Jelly that you can get at some auto parts stores and at hard ware stores…and some Wal Marts have it….It will stop the rust 

3:17 pm
March 16, 2009



Gardnerville, NV

posts 302


My concern would be where is the moisture causing the rust coming from? It's probably no big deal but you should have a look above the flue to see if there is any leak from the roof vent or otherwise.

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