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Flood Light back up light


6:23 am
August 4, 2016


Mod Newbie

posts 4


I am new and interested to see if anyone has attempted a mod like this.  My first mod I will be attempting to mount two LED flood lamps, at the rear of my 5th Wheel Camper.  What I want is to tie these lamps into the backup lights on the trailer.  The twist is that I'd like to rig a toggle switch in the cab of my truck to allow control of these lamps.  Meaning, if I was backing during the day, I wouldn't need to have them come on versus backing at night I would like ample light in the back of the trailer.

I would appreciate any insight on this.  Biggest questions that are coming to mind are: Would I need a relay to do this?  Location of the lamps (top, bottom, side)?  Has anyone attempted something like this?

I often find myself trying to back into a stall at night and trying to find a helpful neighbor, holding a flashlight for me.  At 10pm, not too many people like to be disturbed.

2:16 pm
August 4, 2016


Mod Enthusiast


posts 21


Simplest method would be to tie the lights into existing backup lights (pay attention to amp draw and fuse) however put a switch on the flood light(s). When you make your walk around the site preping for backing you would flip the switch on when needed then back in. Next day or after set up, switch off.

6:13 am
August 5, 2016


Mod Newbie

posts 4


Great idea Fox! Thanks for the reply! I don't think amp draw will be much, hence is why I am choosing LED.  But wouldn't hurt to have it fused.  Thanks for the tip!

9:04 am
March 2, 2018


Mod Newbie

Tottenham ontario, Canada

posts 2


If you have a 7 pin eletrical connector there is a pin for reverse lights. I did it for my flat bed. Waiting for warmer weather to set it up for my tt

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