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Dust cap installer.


8:08 pm
November 29, 2010




Smile Hi, about two years after I bought my trailer, I took it to the dealer to have a few things done. The major thing was to have my brakes inspected and wheel bearings packed. A few years after that, I decided that I was going to do this job at home by myself. One of the things that I noticed was that the dealer who repacked my wheel bearings didn't have the proper tool for re-installing the dust caps. It was obvious by seeing the dents in my dust caps. I know, you can't see them, but it still isn't acceptable in my books. I don't have the proper tool either, but maybe I can make one. After looking around, I found a PVC plastic pipe cap that was a close fit. To make it fit, I used a drum sander attachment from my Dremel kit.  I put the drum sander in my drill press and moved the plastic cap around in circles until enough material was removed. Now it fits the dust cap and installs them with out smashing them.

6:01 pm
December 15, 2015


Mod Enthusiast

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Great idea… But would it stand if it would be beaten by a hammer?

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