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Drain Master Electric Dump Valves


2:27 pm
July 25, 2017


Mod Newbie


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Currently own a 2012 Arctic Fox 5th wheel with electric dump valves from Drain Master. Have had issues with the black tank valve sticking either closed or open. Tried all the recommended solutions with little success. Finally figured out what fixes my problem. Drain Master uses the same drive motor on the 3″ valve as on the 1.5″ valve. Smaller valves seem to work well. After age and wear & tear, the motor on the 3″ valve just does not have the torque to get the blade to move reliably. I boosted the voltage driving the motor by 4.5 volts (3 D-cells in series) making the operating voltage on the motor somewhere around 17 volts. BINGO problem solved. The blade now opens and closes under all conditions. Easy fix. Just added 3 cells in the pass thru using a battery holder. Motor only draws a fraction of an amp. Three D-cells will easily last a full year. If you are having issues, give this a try. 

6:35 pm
September 17, 2017


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Great idea, I will pass that on to a friend that has the same problem.


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