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96 Georgie Boy Cruisemaster Jacks and Shower stall problems


3:18 pm
March 22, 2017


Mod Newbie

Eastern Oregon

posts 1


1st issue is my JAcks.  - I have PowerPlus Electric Jacks. I can't get any power to my Control panel. I can't find any info on PowerPlus (website/email/phone is not working) or schematics… I had a mech try to fix it that good sam sent out and he was only a truck mechanic, and only managed to fry the Ford Multiswitch that ran my headlights. I had to drive from Iowa to Oregon without headlights. 

2nd  Shower Stall - The RV has a 5 sided shower stall. The little center door is not quite up to my 4x size.  Has anyone remodeld those by maybe a arced shower curtain? Or retrofitted something that doesn't entail a major remodel”

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