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RV Remote monitor and control


3:43 am
June 6, 2018


Mod Newbie

Sierra VIsta, az

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I'm new here. I made a mod to my class A that was inspired by some of the newer higher end motorhomes. Added a system based on a small computer that generates a web page so I can use a smart phone/tablet to monitor and control various functions. I can turn lights on/off/dim, check tank levels, operate slide outs, awning, and so on. The system is based on a BeagleBone Black micro computer (about the size of a credit card). The other parts are based on Arduino modules to replace existing switch panels. Example, in my bedroom there was a 3X5 inch panel with 3 rocker switches that controlled vanity lights, bath lights, and water pump. I replaced that with a same size panel with push buttons that are lighted to control those functions using the Arduino. The Arduino is connected to small digital radio, the radio communicates to a radio connected to the BeagleBone Black. This makes the controlled functions available at the switch panel, and to the BBB and web server. That means from my phone I can see the if the water pump is ON/OFF and switch. By using the radio modules eliminates the need to run new wires. Just apply 12 V and it connects. On this switch panel I also added a 2 line LCD display that shows how its working.

At this time I have added several other modules so I can read tank levels and calibrate the levels and I get about 5% accuracy.  Reading tank levels may be the most useful part of the system. Very handy to watch the fresh water tank fill instead of waiting for it to overflow to know when its full! Also very useful for estimating use when dry camping. The original readouts only gave levels within 25% and a bit of guessing.

Not sure anyone needs this kind of mod, sometime I think I had more fun building it than using it. I designed the circuits and wrote the software, if anyone is interested, let me know.

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