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RV bathroom vent- quiet fan mod.


11:31 am
March 8, 2019


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Using 12 volt computer fans in place of the noisy rv fan. I choose low cost fans with a blue led.

Simple mod:

1: remove plastic frame and screen

2. remove old fan blade and motor (Note you may have to remove the motor mount)

3. Cut 2 aluminium mounting strips 12-5/8″ long

4. drill holes on each edge to mount strips to vent using self taping screws.

5: dry fit the brackets and mark fan mounting holes, then drill holes for fans.

6: Mount the brackets then mount the fans using #8 bolt and nut.

7: strip wire ends and connect wiring ( positive to positive–Neg to neg)

8: test fan operation (make sure the fans are blowing outside.

9: reinstall screen & plastic

You can go overboard and install 4 fans if you guys are really stinky. I found two fans will work just fine.


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