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Mods done to our 1996 Fleetwood Wilderness


5:48 pm
July 31, 2011




Bought this camper a few weeks ago for $3,500, needed some serious updating and a little fixing up, some people may think we paid too much but it is what we wanted, low priced ones are hard to come by. Here are a few photo's of some of the mods we have done. Removed the oversized dinette and replaced with a table, we sliced in just over half, laid new vinyl flooring, new window treatments, painted kitchen and bath room countertops, recovered sofa and dinette chairs, new max air vent covers. So far we have spent just over $300. Going to do a complete reseal of the entire roof the middle of August, then the whole camper will be the way we want it. Hopefully this one we will keep longer than any other we have had, one being 1 week and the longest being 1 year, lol.

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6:26 am
August 9, 2017


Mod Newbie

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Did you replace the carpet with vinyl?  HOw did you handle slide out.  (I am not worried about running slide back and forth, rv is mostly stationary)

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