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A Portable Deck for All


5:06 am
February 22, 2017


Mod Newbie

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Back in October of 2015, I purchased a 2009 Layton 28' Trailer from a friend.

To call this a trailer at the time was an insult to trailers as it had been previously owned by carneys, who had done so many “modifications” that my only alternative was to strip it bare (Interior walls, floors, everything). So, in essence, I purchased a shell (quite intact on the outside) that included a 12' slide out, for $1,000. All in all a great purchase.

The trailer became liveable within two months and I'll be posting all my mods on the forum in due time.

The family and I have been on a dozen or so trips throughout Florida and have immersed ourselves in our RV vacations. While I'm always adding to the original design, I must post my favorite mod, which, ironically, has nothing to do with the interior.

On our Anniversary in June 2015, I decided to treat my wife to a little present. A full blown Wood Deck on the RV. I wanted a good size porch. I hated climbing down the rickety stairs to a mud-filled campsite on a rainy day. In fact, I hated having to climb down steps just to sit on my RV porch area, which is where I spent most of my time.

Since we only use the RV for short vacation trips from 3 to 14 days, I had to think long and hard how to design such a beast. I had to make it relatively portable, and on the cheap.

Being an avid woodworker and a Contractor by trade, I knew exactly what I wanted. I spent mornings creatig the deck while my wife was at work (teacher) so she never suspected a thing.

The weekend of our anniversary, I loaded the back of my cargo van (eventually I have to get a pickup, but for now, this remains my tow vehicle) and closed the doors. The cargo area is not visible from the cab and my wife wouldn't look there anyway so the surprise was safe. My semi-assembled deck fits in an area 48″x96″x34″.

After setting up camp, my wife proceeded to read her book inside the camper. That's when I got to work! I set up my GoPro to film the setup (link to follow) then proceeded to assemble my wood deck. It took me all of 15 minutes and my wife was oblivious to the whole thing.

I must say, since then, throughout our various stays, this has to be, by far, my favorite mod. We brought the kids on our next trip and they loved it. No more tracking mud in the RV, no more climbing up and down stairs just to walk out front. The deck fits perfectly within the arms of my 14' awning and the stairs are sturdy enough that my once injured wife (who sprained her ankle and couldn't make it up the regular RV steps that trip) can come up into the RV with no issue.

The look of the stained wood deck blends in with the surroundings so as to enhance my peaceful quiet mood while camping. I love my deck… actually, after the 1st trip, my wife refers to it as HER DECK. So be it.

But the story doesn't end there. Every time I've gone out, fellow campers (and a few state park rangers) showed fascination with my little project. After a couple years of people telling me I should make them and sell them, I took their advice and shared my joy with a few others.

While I don't have any plans drawn up, the design is quite simple if you want to build one yourself. If not, for a nominal fee, I'd be happy to make one for you and even set it up initially as well.

I've made improvements on the original design and even added lighting along the handrails. Let me know what you think of my little project. 15 minute set-up/breakdown time. While there's nothing like experiencing it, enjoy the video and photos.

My RV Deck Project

Feel free to ask me how I made it, I'm more than happy to share the knowledge.

If you'd like to buy one fully custom built, here's a link: RV Deck on eBay

You can see some of the pictures on that eBay link. I'll upload them to my webite and share them in a future post. Hope you enjoy this mod. I certainly do.

Javier Unzueta

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