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RV fridge drip tube disconnect


1:41 pm
January 13, 2019

Shandy Bee

Mod Newbie

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I have a Dometic RM3762 7cu ft fridge installed in a full aisle of Ikea cabinetry in a one off Tiny House (demo, builder unavailable). When I removed the tray, I broke off the 2″ long protrusion tube that went out the back of the unit.  The fridge is completely sealed inside by cabinetry and outside separately top and bottom areas with sheets of roofing type butyl material.  Behind the combo washer unit to the right of the fridge I saw they stuck the drip tube in with the drain tube for the combo unit.  Well, now its not draining anything, and I have to keep water out of there.  So the tray has paper towels in it and I keep fans in inside to evaporate any fin drips.   When the 85 degree weather comes, I'll turn on the exterior fan too, but i'll be lucky to get 45 degrees  in the fridge….what do you suggest??……………… short of destroying my interior cabinetry…………….. or pulling all that gooky material out of the outside?  I can post pictures if someone tells me where I need to upload them to in order to have a URL.

thanks for your time!


Tiny Houser in Arizona

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