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Need wiring diagram for Somerset Grand Tour Utah


4:33 pm
June 21, 2017


Mod Newbie

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I'm trying to install a mod requiring 12V power into a Somerset Grand Tour Utah. I need to connect to a 12V line downstream from the galley kill switch so that this mod will be disconnected when the galley is in its stored position (i.e. the pop-up is down).

The mod involves fans behind the Domitec refrigerator. The galley kill switch is just aft of the fridge in a compartment that appears to be virtually inaccessible without (possibly) removing the fridge, but there are color-coded wires running forward through the area behind the fridge accessible via the removable exterior fridge control cover. I'm pretty sure that at least one of these wires is 12V, switched from the galley kill switch, but there are many wires, all colors of the rainbow.

I've looked in vain online for a wiring diagram for this unit which would identify these wires by color but, like instructions for accessing the (several!) apparently inaccessible compartments containing switches, wires and pumps,  I can't find a clue as to where to find a comprehensive wiring diagram for this unit and am wondering if there is one, or if it was ever published. The pop-up was made in 2013, the first year that Somerset made the (formerly Coleman) Grand Tour Utah and they may have been flying by the seat of their pants and never even made a wiring diagram for this unit.

Any help would be appreciated.

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