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Mod #99: Smart Charger Charging Posts

Posted By ModMyRV On June 1, 2011 @ 1:51 pm In electrical | 10 Comments

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So I finally stopped using my RV inverter/charger to charge my RV batteries. But I hated having to open the battery box(s) every time to get to my two 6V batteries to charge them with the Smart Charger. They are tucked in nice and tight behind the LP tanks and it’s a pain getting the boxes open and straps on/off all the time. And me and electricity don’t seem to play well together anyway, so anything that reducing the chances of me ZAPPING myself (again) appeals greatly to me!

Mod Difficulty:

Not even sure where I first read about these remote charging studs but they are just what I needed! Gave me an excuse to clean up the old install by putting both batteries in the same box (double wide) and really making it VERY easy to charge them using the Smart Charger running off my generator.

The first picture is the ugly old install showing both batteries in their own box and the battery cutoff switch mounted in the lid of one box. (Eeesh… what was I thinking when I cobbled THAT mess together?!?!) Next is the new install. (My wife says there is much less “visual noise” now…). The next one is the right side of the box showing the red charging stud and the battery cutoff switch, capped with a crutch tip to keep out water. The next two are the left side showing the black stud both capped and uncapped. And finally, the last is the box closed with the two studs just visible on each end. This is the charging configuration. Pop off the red and black rubber caps, clamp on the corresponding red and black leads from the Smart Charger, plug it in and they’re charging!

If you are wondering why I didn’t mount both studs on the same side of the box for convenience purposes, I direct you back to the comment above about me ZAPPING myself. I figured if they were on opposite ends of the box about 2.5 feet from each other I’d have to try real hard to create any unwanted sparks!

The whole thing cost about $100 for the new box, a couple shorter battery cables and the charging studs. It took about three hours to do. Happy modding!

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