Mod #65: Sliding Storage and Cargo Trays

Mod #65: Sliding Storage and Cargo Trays

Submitted on: 01/03/09

     Category: storage
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Mod Description:

Have a lot of bulky stuff you regularly seem to be taking out of your storage areas just to get to that “something” which always seems to be in be in the back? What about those heavy, occasional-use items you would rather not have to heft out when needed? Sliding storage and cargo trays can be a real back saver. They can be used to slide anything from plastic storage bins full of your “RV stuff” to tool boxes to lawn chairs, and even slide-out grills. Their uses are endless. Well, maybe not endless, but doing this mod can certainly provide endless convenience.

Mod Difficulty:

Installing a sliding storage tray is pretty straightforward if you are handy. The most important thing to remember is to properly measure the compartment you are installing the storage tray in to. You need to ensure you measure the depth and especially the width correctly, because you need to allow for enough clearance for the slide frame, compartment door, hinges, and door gas struts if you have them. Once you have these measurements, you can then order or build the storage tray to your specifications.

Another important factor to consider is what you are going to mount the storage tray to. Is the compartment floor strong enough to hold the both the weight of the sliding storage tray AND your cargo? Some Class A or Class C outboard cargo bays are made of thin sheet metal flooring and may not support the weight, in which case they might have to be reinforced. Some commercial sliding trays can weigh upwards of 200 pounds so ensure there is adequate storage bay floor strength. And if you are installing a full length sliding tray, one that provides access from either side of your RV, be sure to bolt the slider rails through the flooring. Use 1 ” to 2″ fender washers (depending on bolt size) on the underside of the floor to ensure the thru-bolts securing the rails have enough surface area so when the sliding tray is fully extended, the bolts do not pull through the flooring.

If you opt for a do-it-yourself sliding storage tray, you need to be sure you build the slide framing strong enough to both hold your cargo in the stowed position and support the cargo weight when the slide tray is fully extended. Also be sure that the slider hardware is adequate for the load. Don’t skimp here. If a rail fails, you might be in for a nasty toe injury from a falling toolbox!

The following images show how you might go about building a simple but strong sliding storage tray for supporting a small toolbox. 3/4″ hardwood and plywood are used throughout and heavy duty sliders are also used. It is mounted in a Class A storage bay and provides easy access to both the toolbox and other items in the bay.

TipIf you install a full length sliding storage tray in a storage area at the front of your RV, like the pass-through storage area found in most front bedroom travel trailers, keep tongue weight in mind. You will be adding a few hundred pounds to your overall tongue weight. Reweigh your tongue after storage tray installation to ensure you are not exceeding the capacity limits of your tow vehicle.

ModMyRV recommends these parts for this mod:
Rockler 36” TopSlide Series 758 Full-Extension Slides, 500 Lb

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17 Comments For This Mod

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  1. cccale

    For the longest time I skipped over this mod because I thought it was mainly for class A RVs. There are some great ideas in here. The BBQ, tool box and under dinette are particularly cool!

  2. jmt

    I love the bbq and tool box slide. Wonder if I could do a double the length slide to essentially create a table…maybe a bar. :)

  3. Bob Vaughn

    I have a door and a space under our bed in the back of the TT but it looks to me like I would loose a lot of storage by putting a slide in……now I can get stuff out thru the door and lift the bed and take out other stuff….I will have to do some measuring before I attempt this mod….

  4. Bob Vaughn

    I also have a cubby hole under our sofa but I am not sure there would be enough room to do a slide here also….

  5. jmt

    I created some storage for our outdoor rug. Little wire hangers.

  6. marcos velez

    Great article! I have a 2004 Bounder and wonder if anyone out there with a similar RV has attempted to install sliders. Me and my wife are artist and are in need of space to utilize our various tools which include scanner, printer,sewing machine,ironing board+iron,easels,camera equipment,etc…Any ideas would be much appreciated.Thanks in advance!

  7. Don Ackerman

    For Mr. Velez: I have an ‘06 Bounder that I traded a “C” in for and can’t fill-up the bays! Not that I want to. We use the bay just outside of the coach door for the outside T.V and an ice machine that I installed there. Certainly you should have more than enough room in the street-side bays for your ironing board and easels etc. A friend of mine had the printer/scanner delima a few years back. He narrowed it down to 2 options. Run cables to a bay from where he was using the cpu at or upgrade to a small foot-print, scanner/printer that has a wireless connection with his cpu and place it in a cabinate up in the coach. Take your pick. Hope this helps.

  8. Chuck

    Interested in the manufacturer website for the blue metal boxes shown in pictures 4 & 5 in the first array of pictures. Tried to enlarge the photo to find out, but I sure can’t make it out once it’s big enough to read. Thanks in advance. chuck

  9. ModMyRV

    I believe the cargo slides you are referring to are made by Kwikee. Their site is

  10. Robrv

    We once came across a German Couple in a Home Built Motor Home. They not only had Slide out Storage but a Good sized Table that pulled Out from the Curb Side of Their Rig! It was Mounted near the Top of a Compartment and had It’s Own “Door” within the Compartment Door!

  11. Dick Noble

    I cannot find these slider rails with this harware on them. Can any one help?

  12. Jay

    Where can I buy the 8 ft slide?

  13. Gary

    Just wondering where I would get the battery tray slideout, that looks really usefull.

    Wish they’d put those in all RV’s

  14. Charles

    You have a picture of a battery slide out tray where the batteries are end to end and I was wondering where I can get on, I’ve checked on line and can’t find one. This one is perfect

    Thank you

  15. Bill

    Same question as Charles; where can I find that battery slide out tray where the batteries are end to end…it is exactly what I need and have so far had no luck in finding. Thanks.

  16. Jeffery Horn

    Step-by-step instructions would be nice to have when trying to make the DIY slide out tray’s

  17. Ken

    All this is fine but remember the more storage you create the more weight you have to pull and stop ! Not to be negative but how many knick knacks do you really need, I have seen some pretty odd stuff people haul along.

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