Mod #64: Magic Shower Head

Mod #64: Magic Shower Head

Submitted on: 01/01/09

     Category: interior, plumbing
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Mod Description:

Let’s face it, a shower in an RV isn’t the most exhilarating experience. In fact, in can be a bit claustrophobic. But that’s the least of the “problems”. Undoubtedly, it’s the water pressure, or lack thereof, that makes us want to just ripen up a little until we get home to do the deed. This mod is all about increasing water pressure without replacing your water pump. In fact, this is one of the easiest mods you can do to your RV. All we are going to do is replace the shower head. Yes, it’s pure magic.

Mod Difficulty:

Not only does this shower head increase water pressure, it does it by almost 3 times more water pressure without increased water consumption. How is this possible you ask? The nozzle uses a venturi system consisting of 16 air entrance ports, which allow air to increase the spray velocity. Oxygen levels in the water are increased as well, giving you a refreshing spray never before possible in an RV shower head. The DW will be very happy because now she will be able to easily rinse her hair. And when the DW is happy…well you know the rest.

Both RVers and boondockers alike can benefit from this wonderful product of genius. RVers will enjoy an invigorating shower whether they are using the water pump or city water hookup. Boondockers will save a lot of water by being able to shower as they like but without wasting precious water. And both can adjust their individual comfort levels by using the “comfort control” regulator. Located at the base of the Oxygenics Body Spa® wand, the comfort control regulator allows you to adjust from a gentle stream to a refreshing, high-pressure spray.

Installation is very straightforward. If you don’t want to follow the instructions that come with the magic shower head, then:

That’s it. You’re done. Pretty simple. Now go take a shower! Or, you can go to the ModMyRV Videos section and see a great installation video by Jim Twamley of

ModMyRV recommends these parts for this mod:
Oxygenics BodySpa SkinCare Handheld Shower Head
Danco 89171 Shut-Off Shower Valve, Chrome

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31 Comments For This Mod

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  1. Bob Vaughn

    After we got our shower head from Camping World we went down to Lowe’s home improvement and bought a push button water cut off and installed it between the hose and the shower head. It saves a ton of water allows you to wet down soap up then rinse off.

  2. Alpenliter

    I bought this shower head from Coil’N'Wrap vendors at The Rally in Bend, OR. Works as advertised and is a quality built product.

  3. jmt

    Love my shower head. The head holder didn’t work since my water comes out at the tub opening. I needed to get the wall mount since it secures to the shower head really good. Great water pressure.

  4. Bob Vaughn

    I was so impressed with how much water we saved in our rv and how it felt like you were using more water than you were when you showered and how much longer the hot water lasted….I went down to HD and found a water saver shower head for our house…I did not think my wife would like it but she did….I think the only thing that would save any more water would be to shower with a friend…and that is not going to happen in most RV showers…..

  5. ModMyRV

    You need smaller friends Bob. ;)

  6. jmt

    We can fit 3 adults in our shower. :)

  7. Bob Vaughn

    Here is a link that shows the water shut off that I installed between the hose and the new shower head..It saves a lot of water…just like a Navy shower…

  8. Bounder1341

    I installed one in my 1993 Bounder and found it to save water and to deliver more pressure at the shower head making the shower experience feel more like the one at home. My wife is especially fond of the fact the hot water lasts longer and she can take a “normal” shower instead of a “spits bath.

  9. gnarlykaw

    I can’t really see the push button switch in your pic. I do see, however the water comfort reg, on the bottom of the handle….
    I have not tried ours yet, and I bought a dirveter valve, just in case the comfort control dosen’t cut the water back far enough..
    we did this mod, and like everyone has said, the water pressure from the head is like being back at home! We all love this mod!!!

  10. LionRampant

    @Bob Vaughn,
    I like that push button water cutoff, but I’m unable to find it locally. Do you know the manufacturer and model #? If anyone else has used this, or a satisfactory alternative, would you share your information/experience?

  11. gnarlykaw

    ok, I got to try ours, and yup, it’s the bomb! The queen even loves it. Alot more pressure. the diverter valve works fine. I found it at lowes, on the wall with the hand shower heads.

  12. Mom3

    I couldn’t find the shut-off valve mentioned, but I think this is the same/similar item:

  13. ModMyRV

    @Mom3: Great link! Thanks. Many folks are looking for something just like this and the way the product description reads it’s like it was meant for this mod!

  14. voyage05

    Read all the rave reviews and I was motivated to order my very own Oxygenics shower valve.

  15. Portagie68

    Just installed mine. Hope it works as well as you all say it does. Be interesting to see if that cheap shower holder, that is installed in these trailers, will work down the road. My only concern is the sun but only time will tell. Besides that I can not wait to try it. I found the cheapest price at Earthtech Products, Inc..

  16. Ray

    Hello….just wanted to know what the abreveation DW stood for.Hopefully not in the vein of the “little woman”

  17. ModMyRV

    DW stands for dear wife. Some might say dish washer but only to themselves. :)

  18. Bob

    I bought a chrome plated push button shut-off valve for hand-held showers at Home Depot. It screws right in between the hose and the shower head. The manufacturer is Danco and the part number is 89184. It was located in the faucet and fixture area of plumbing. The cost was only $4.97.

  19. Captain Slappy

    After installing my 20-Gallon Electric Water Heater from Lowes, I also cheated and upped my water pressure by adding in a low-pressure shower head (thereby slowing how much water I use, but keeping presure nice and high). Works just fine!

  20. jaustinmd

    I understand the white plastic (cheaper!) Oxygenics shower head/handle is not recommended due to more breakage/leakage issues and has a lesser-quality hose. Is this correct?

  21. ModMyRV

    @jaustinmd - I haven’t heard of anyone having quality problems with the “white” Oxygenics shower head. Of course, a metal one will be more durable but the white plastic one should be as durable as the one that comes standard in your RV.

    Where did you hear about possible problems?

  22. jaustinmd

    Here’s a quote from the website:

    “NOTICE: We have decided to discontinue the white shower kit unit. We have had in excess of 10% returns on it. We want you to be aware that it is entirely made of plastic and the connecting ends are breaking. The hose is smaller in diameter than the others and is very stiff and not easy to manage. The entire hose in the chrome and brushed nickel kits is entirely stainless stell and is very flexible. We highly recommend you upgrade to either one of these, as the white product is not up to the calibre of merchandise we carry on this website.”

  23. ModMyRV

    Thanks for the heads up jaustinmd. Although I have had no returns or have had any negative feedback from folks who have purchased the white plastic shower head, I would encourage those interested to buy the chrome or nickle type. Coil-N-Wrap is a reputable site and I would tend to follow their advice on this product.

  24. original


    I had the same problem with this showerhead. Purchased at Camping World, and I was loving it until all of a sudden the connection to the water outlet came off and no way to put it back together.

    Haven’t taken it back yet but I’m about to. I will purchase another one though; one of the other models that’s not white.

  25. Robert and Kathleen

    This is our first time here and we thought this might benefit some “home owners”. We have an OLDer Cruise Air II by Georgie Boy that we live in full-time. The shower was, for all intensive purposes, non-existent. I could pee with higher volume and more pressure. The shower hose came off the top of the bath tub faucet and what I found was that I couldn’t even blow air through the connector, so I removed the flow restrictor mechanism and wa la we can actually take a shower now!! Keep the rubber side down. ~ Robert

  26. jjerrydghby

    Did this mod in Florida when we bought our tt and then pulled our tt back home to Utah. Great showers! Love this shower head, works almost as good as the one at home. I installed it with the shutoff valve to conserve water! Thanks for the great mod.

  27. wowlites

    I’d like to do this mod, but spoke to Oxygenics and they won’t ship to Canada, Any ideas anyone? thx

  28. fauch125

    Did you use the cutoff with the flow control, or in place if the flow control below the shower head?

  29. sdayman

    I finally got around to installing a second one of these for my outside shower. With all our beach trips, the weak stock shower head did a poor job of rinsing off the sand. I drilled out the fixture’s water outlet for better flow.

  30. mrgehring

    I replaced the hose with a more flexible kind, easily available at any HW store. It is silver, seems to have a metal wrap coiled around it. Much better, easier to use. Also, this one purchased in 2013 has a cutoff valve built in, but it does not work well -m leaks a lot. I could imagine this is done to maintain the hot water to some extent , since when you turn it off the water gets cold fast. However, it really doesn’t work to keep it warm. We just always point it away when turning it back on. Will likely add an external valve as others have done here.

  31. NaturalStateReb

    This is absolutely one of the best things you can do to your camper, and it’s a very easy install. The stock shower heads that come in most campers are pretty terrible–not much better than standing under a weak garden hose. This shower head really increases the pressure of the shower while being water efficient. I works so well, in fact, that I often don’t even have to use the shut-off–I still have plenty of hot water for a shower that at least approaches what I’d have at home. Highly recommend.

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