Mod #55: Magazine Rack

Mod #55: Magazine Rack

Submitted on: 08/07/08

     Category: interior, miscellaneous
Mod Rating: 12345

(17 ratings)

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Mod Description:

Like the popular key rack mod, the magazine rack mod is both very functional and easy to install. But the benefits are far greater than first observed. Not only does the magazine rack serve to organize…well… magazines, it’s much bigger purpose is to provide the very convenient access to reading material in the throne room. Ladies, we’re not leaving you out. It’s just than we men have our needs too.

Mod Difficulty:

You have a lot of choices when it comes to a simple magazine rack. There are residential types and RV-specific types to choose from. It all depends on what you’re looking for. If you want something just to hold a few magazines, several types are available and are quite simple to install. Camco makes a universal oak rack that mounts using a few screws. Other simple types you can get from most any RV parts store.

The fancier, more throne-oriented kinds come in a variety of configurations: anything from a wall-mount toilet paper roll/magazine/key holder to a floor-standing rack/toilet paper roll/mirror combo. Yes, we men can be vain too. And for the ultimate magazine connoisseur, there are racks that can hold as many as twenty magazines, each with their own little individual cubby. Of course, finding wall space for a four-column five-row rack in an RV is probably pretty unlikely.

Mounting a magazine rack is also similar to mounting a key rack. You can use wall anchors, Velcro, or if you can find a wall stud, simple wood or metal screws will work. Industrial strength Velcro will give you the most flexibility on where you can mount a rack though. Use the one inch width type which will hold even the most manly of magazine racks to the wall.

ModMyRV recommends these parts for this mod:
Camco 43411 RV Oak Accents Magazine Rack
Dark Oak RV Magazine rack

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11 Comments For This Mod

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  1. Capn Courage

    I wonder if these products from 3M would work for a magazine rack, the add says they are good for up to 3 pounds.


  2. Alpenliter

    I’ve got the one like in the center picture, next to my leather chair, like in the picture……wait a minute….that IS my picture!!

  3. ModMyRV

    Heh heh. OK, I’m busted. Is it too late to ask permission to use it? I guess you can truly say you did this mod. ;)

  4. Bob Vaughn

    I guess this mod would not work for me for I was in the service and aboard ship there was no time to sit on the throne and ponder the fate of the world much less read a magazine. It was sit get your business done and get out as there was usually some one else waiting to use the facilities……

  5. ModMyRV

    Just remember, if you’re camping, there is no reason to rush!

  6. jmt

    I think I need this in my tub when I take a bath. Then I can read. Heck I need a TV also. (Can anyone fit in your bathtub?) My 9 month old and 3 year old can take baths together, but I’m not sure my leg would even fit if I tried laying down.

  7. Bob Vaughn

    My magazine rack sits behind my wifes chair in front of the circuit breaker box. It has to be movable so I can turn the water heater switch on/off. I also have one that is a part of a side table with a light on the top of the table…

  8. Bob Vaughn

    Here is a link to my movable magazine rack…

  9. Bob Vaughn


  10. rtfrench

    You can NEVER have enough storage in you RV. Adding a magazine rack is simple and comvenient.

  11. Lencactustwo

    great mod…so great that I was asked to buy and install one in our RV. I found a stud in the wall and just drilled a pilot hole in the rack to place it EXACTLY where she wanted it…level too. Thanks

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