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Mod #53: Key Rack

Posted By Mark Corgan On August 1, 2008 @ 3:32 pm In interior, miscellaneous | 8 Comments

“Honey, do you know where the keys to the RV are? I left them on the counter right here.” Sound familiar? The key rack mod is such a simple but very practical mod. It will have you organizing your key storage in no time so you won’t feel stupid when you find that the keys were in your hand all the while you were searching for them. Kind of like finding your reading glasses on top of your head when you swear you were just wearing them.

Mod Difficulty:

The easy part of this mod is mounting the rack. Finding exactly what kind of rack you want is the hardest part. There are so many kinds to choose from. While not really a rack, the simplest is perhaps the brass hooks you find at any hardware of home improvement store. They come in all shapes and sizes and simply screw in to most any surface. But depending on what surface it is, you may have to drill a small pilot hole before screwing in the hooks. Under a cabinet is a very popular place to put them and you can add as many as you need if your key storage needs show grow.

Then there is the standard oak rack with four or five hooks already installed. These are usually installed on a wall with a couple of wood screws. Since RV walls aren’t the best at providing a good anchoring surface, consider using industrial-strength Velcro. This stuff works really well and adheres to the wall surface much better than standard Velcro so you don’t have to use as much. Depending on the size of the rack, two to four strips the length of the rack is more than enough to anchor the rack.

Finally, there is the custom made key rack cut from metal and heat stressed to provide some really nice coloring. You can get your name engraved on it or any saying that you want, even a picture of your dog! These are a little pricier than the standard racks but hey, your modding your RV. Spare no expense!

Now you just need to remember to actually put your keys on your new rack.

TipIf you have to remove something from the wall that has been attached with adhesive and some of the wall covering peels away, you can mount a key rack over the area to hide it. The location might not be as practical as just inside the door, but it will look nicer nevertheless.

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