Mod #49: Dinette Replacement

Mod #49: Dinette Replacement

Submitted on: 07/26/08

     Category: interior
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Mod Description:

Most larger RVs, especially those with super slides, come with the option to replace the standard dinette or bench seat furniture configuration with a free-standing table and four chairs. If you are an RV owner that has opted for the bench style dinette and are finding it’s not meeting your needs, you can still change it out for the table and chairs, or other custom options like a J-couch and table, or even a computer workstation.

Mod Difficulty:

The first question to ask yourself before ripping out the dinette is whether you can get by without the additional under-bench storage. If storage space in your RV is at a premium, consider where you will put the items that were stored in the dinette bench compartments.

If your dinette folds down in to a bed, consider whether you can do without the additional sleeping capacity. If you have children and your RV has no bunks, a free-standing dinette is not going to be very comfortable to sleep on. Yes, children can sleep most anywhere, but…

Once you have determined that this mod is for you, ensure there are no plumbing, electrical, or heating components under the dinette bench seats, such as the water pump, plumbing pipes, water heater, furnace, or shore power cabling . If any of these components are present, then this mod becomes much more complicated. Depending on what is in there will determine your next step. If, for example, only the water pump is present, then you may have a shot at relocating it. If any of the other components are there, this mod is not worth the effort, and may not even be possible.

So if after all these considerations you still want to tackle the mod, start by looking at how the dinette benches are attached. Usually they are attached by the bench frame to the floor and can be easily removed just by removing a few screws on each bench. But some attachment points can be anchored to the walls and possibly the sofa frame (if the sofa and dinette are next to each other). If this is the case, you can cover the holes left with plastic caps.

If you have drawers that slide in to the dinette benches, you should remove them from the sliders before attempting to remove the benches, then remove the drawer slide brackets from the flooring. The benches can generally be removed as a unit. But depending on their size and how they were assembled, you may have to partially disassemble them to get them out the RV door. After removing the benches, you will be amazed at how much free space there is.

You should also remove the table post fixtures on the floor as well if you have them. You won’t be needing them any longer but keep them in case you want to put the dinette back for some reason. This goes for the rest of the dinette hardware as well, like the wall bracket some tables have to secure the edge of the table to the wall.

If you purchase an RV-type free-standing dinette, it should have pre-drilled holes in the feet of the table. Set the new table and four chairs in the open area and have four adults sit at the table. Adjust the table to the best fit and secure the table to the floor. This can be done using bolts or large wood screws, depending on the type of flooring and support under the flooring you have. You don’t have to secure the table if you want to be able to move it around or take it outside, but you will need some way of securing it during travel. This goes for the chairs as well.

Finally, you don’t necessarily have to replace the dinette benches with a free standing setup. Many fellow RVers have replaced the dinette benches and table with recliners and swinging TV trays, or big Lazy Boy rockers and a small table inbetween. Even a J-sofa with a single-post table can be done. It’s your RV and your imagination.

You can source parts for this mod from these links:

RV Tables and Chairs
RV Tables and Dinette Chairs
Brad and Hall Quality Seating Products by Flexsteel

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26 Comments For This Mod

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  1. Bob Vaughn

    My TT came with a table and chairs which had we ordered it we would have opted for the dinette. With a dinette you can fold it down and use it for additional sleeping for small children. Plus there is a ton of storage space under the seats….and if you go with the ones that have large drawers that adds to the versatility….Plus if you put the dinette down you could use that space to haul a recent find at a flea market or swap meet…..

  2. ModMyRV

    Funny how folks with the dinette usually want the freestanding table and chairs and the ones with the table and chairs want the dinette. I guess that’s why there are both options. If I didn’t have a family, I would opt for a computer desk for all my gadgets and gizmos. I just might convert the bunk area instead since my daughter prefers the couch to sleep on.

  3. Bob Vaughn

    Here are the photos of the mod where I removed the table and chairs and installed a dinette with drawers underneath the benches. I also made the table to where it will offset with a drop in seat so some one could sit in the back. That way 4 people can sit at the table and play cards without having to sit next to one another. A card table chair is used for the 4th person…

  4. ModMyRV

    Very nice! Looks factory. I plan on adding a j-couch and table where my current dinette is. Similar to the one in this mod but with a longer “j” section. I’m looking for something used as well. Where did you find the dinette parts?

  5. Bob Vaughn

    At Lazy Days in Seffner they used to have a department that did RV remodeling. There was a building that they stored what they removed….dinettes, sofa’s,tables, chairs etc. just about everything. I found this dinette…Just the benches, I used my old table top…I just took the legs off….I had to buy the posts and the receivers for the bottom of the table and the floor…I used 2 so I could off set the table.

  6. cdcdawg

    Very nice mod. I removed the dinette when I put down an engineered floor and I love having the extra room plus more comfortable chairs. The extra sleeping capacity was not an issue but storage space on my class c is very limited. i overcame this by using the doors from the dinette and installing them in the bottom panel of the couch. I think this actually added more space than was available before. You could, of course use this trick even if you keep the dinette.

  7. Tom Martland

    I just bought a 34′ Grand Junction 5th wheel with an oak table and five chairs - would like to replace same with the old fashioned 74″ x 44″ dinette that sleeps two.
    I bet you have a bunch of take outs? I would also have no use for the table and chairs….
    Thanks- Tom Martland

  8. Donna Pool

    The 3rd thumbnail on your Mod #49: Dinette Replacement
    Submitted on: 07/26/08 shows a stand-alone table with storage under the table top and storage under the chair seats. Were these done by an individual or can this unit be purchased? We just bought a 2010 Denali that had bench seating (which we don’t prefer) and the dealer is taking them out so we can substitute our own dinette.

  9. rvoutreach

    We did this mod also, removing our dinette and adding 2 very comfortable office chairs. We used bell gliders instead of casters so they don’t roll around. Pictures and such can be found on our web site in the mods section.

  10. aquastell

    I found a great little computer desk with 4 drawers that fits lengthwise across the space. It also has leaves that fold down in case I want to change my configuration later. It’s also narrow depth, so it doesn’t hog the floor space. Since one of my bench seats has the furnace in it, that is where the computer tower goes. Handy, I decided to leave the seatbelt in place, and can fasten the computer in for trips. For dinner space, I have a storage ottoman with a table top that raises and lowers.

  11. Pat Dittman

    We have a fifth wheel and bought it with the free standing table. I originally liked the free standing but we are the type of people that enjoy taking friends with us. If our friends have kids (most do) we have to blow up an air mattress for the kids. Therefore we would like to replace our free standing. I wonder if there is anyone out there (in the Pittsburgh, PA) area that is looking for a free standing that we could do a swap. Our free standing is a neutral color (beige) and in great shape.

  12. judi cohen

    I am interested in the free-standing dinette table & 4 chairs that open for storage. How do you buy these things? Is there a phone # to contact you? Where can I purchase this kind of furniture for our 5th wheel?

    Thank you.

  13. Nancy Dickenson

    I was wondering if you ever get used dinettes that fold down into a bed with possibly storage under each bench. I would appreciate this information. I bought a TT that had had a leak and the gentelman redid the wall and floor but took out the benches and left the table with some folding chairs. I need the extra sleeping area. Thanks!

  14. Nancy Dickenson

    Is there anyone that knows where I can possibly buy a used dinette and benches that fold down into extra sleeping and storage. I bought a bumper pull trailer that had water damage and the guy that I bought it from replaced the wall and floor and kept the table. I just need the benches and possibly the pads. Thanks! After paying for the trailer, I can’t afford a whole lot.

    Nancy Dickenson

  15. Abby Bernal

    Hello, we purchased a used southwind with a 4 chairs and a table that is attached. It doesn’t fold down, without unscrewing it from floor and wall.
    We are looking to replace it with a bench dinette. I too would like to know where one can get a used dinette.

  16. Phil

    Like Donna Pool and Judi Cohen I am very interested in the freestanding storage table with chairs that open for storage. Does anyone have a manufacturersname or model # or phone # where I could purchase them? ? My phone number is 508-889-2571, thanks to all in advance. My e-mail address is

  17. Portagie68

    Like Phil we are very interested in the table and chairs. Thank you

  18. bcourvil

    Like some of the above members I am very interested in the freestanding storage table and chairs that open for storage in slide 3 of 7 in this blog. Does anyone have a manufacturer’s name or model # where I could purchase them? My cell phone number is 817-455-6890 and my email is

  19. glen

    like to know how to change from table and chairs to bench dinette

  20. Jackie

    I am looking for the swiveling trays in the picture with the LazBoy recliner. Thank you.

  21. Jim Wilson

    The links in Mod #49: Dinette Replacement no longer work.

    You have a photo of a dining set with seats thet lift in chairs and table fro storage.

    Our Bighorn (gone now) had this same set, I’ve only found the table & chairs in your mod photos.

    Any idea where I may find these?

    Your link:
    RV Tables and Chairs
    RV Tables and Dinette Chairs is a dead url.

    Jim Wilson

  22. August Kurth

    I am looking to replace the covers on the dinning room booth we have a winnebago view model J…. can you tell me where I can get replacements they are stained.. it is a 2007

  23. Jomomma

    We just did this. We put in a love seat lazyboy and we love it. Can’t find the swing tray tables. Can anyone give us some help on this? Thanks

  24. Valerie

    I would love to replace my dinette set with a couch or something more comfortable but my heating system is under one of the benches…any ideas??

  25. Gene Reif

    Our motorhome has a raised step in the slide where the dinette is so I wasn’t sure how chairs or couch would work out in this area. We are considering updating as this is one of the major issues we have with the unit as well as the flooring.
    Anyone encountered this and if so, how has it worked out? Thanks.

  26. Phyllis Tatman

    I desperately want to convert the dinette to either sofa or recliner seating in our truck camper. Has anyone done this mod in a truck camper?

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