Mod #48: Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Mod #48: Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Submitted on: 07/25/08

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Mod Description:

One of the main reasons we all bought our RVs is to have some of the conveniences of home while on the road and at the campground, like our own private bathroom. And while some campgrounds and RV parks have nice facilities for our grooming needs, it’s always nice to be able to use your own. We all know that our RV bathrooms are small in the shower area so what can you do to get a little more elbow room and prevent the shower curtain from attacking you while showering in your tiny tub? The curved shower curtain mod!

Mod Difficulty:

The curved shower curtain rod kits are designed for residential-sized tubs, which are generally 5 feet long. Most RV tubs/showers are no more than 4 feet so you may have to trim some of the rod tubing to fit. If you do have to remove some tubing, be sure to remove it equally from both ends so the the rod curvature is properly maintained.

Another thing to check for is that the hardware and fasteners that come in the kit may not be appropriate for your RV walls. Check the length of the screws as they may too long and if used, may end up poking through the outside of the wall. And that’s ugly to fix.

Installation is quite easy. If you have a channel with hooks for the standard shower curtain, you can just leave it in place. Measure the width between the walls lengthwise and subtract about 2 inches. This will be the size of the curtain rod. Cut an equal amount from each end of the tubing to the size needed using a tubing cutter. If you don’t have one, you can use a hacksaw. Don’t worry too much about the cosmetics since the ends of the tubing are hidden in the mounting brackets.

Assemble the brackets and insert the rod ends in to the bracket holes. Test fit the rod assembly to be sure the length is correct and re-cut if necessary. Place the assembly where you want to mount it and mark the holes with a Sharpie. Drill the 4 holes carefully so as not to drill completely through the other side of the wall. Insert the plastic anchor inserts provided. Attached the assembly using the correct length screws. Now stand in the shower and put your elbows out. Pretty nice, eh?

TipYou can reuse the stock shower curtain but you may want to go for a better quality one. Replace the vinyl curtain (if that’s what you have) with a fabric-based one. These types are much more flexible and won’t attack you when they get wet.

ModMyRV recommends these parts for this mod:
Maytex 47 Inch Adjustable Curved Shower Rod
60 Inch Curved Shower Rod - Polished Stainless Steel
Croscill Fabric Shower Curtain Liner, White

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15 Comments For This Mod

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  1. jmt

    I just completed this mod. I purchased a curved shower rod at Costco ($30) The hardest part was cutting the 60″ bar down to 40″ for my tub. Don’t forget to evenly cut the bar on both sides. The only small issue I had since I had to cut the bar 10″ on both sides was that angle of the mounting bracket wasn’t quite flat. Not a huge deal since there was extra hardware to cover the bracket and you wouldn’t even know they we not mounted completely flat. Standing in the shower I feel like I gained huge space even though it’s really like 3-4″. The space around my shoulders is so nice. I’m going to re-install my old bar right next to the curved one so I have one more place to hang towels and try swimsuits etc.

  2. ModMyRV

    The extra space IS really nice, isn’t it? Even though, like you said, it’s only 3-4″, for big guys like me it’s awesome. I really like the idea of keeping the original rod for hanging wet stuff too. Do you have any clearance issues with the new and the old rods? Can you mount the old rod in the same spot?

  3. jmt

    The extra space is so nice. No clearance issues with the new and old rod. I ended up mounted the new rod where the old one was. Then I mounted the old straight one just inside of the new one. You can barely tell it’s there but hanging stuff on the old one is awesome. In fact we hand all our towels there.

  4. 83trekker

    what is a safe size screw to use so you dont go through the out side of th trailer?

  5. ModMyRV

    Most RV walls are 1 1/2″ to 2″ thick, depending on their construction. To be safe, use a maximum of a 1 1/4″ screw with a wall anchor insert. This size will place about 1″ of the screw in to the wall which should be more than enough to anchor the brackets securely.

  6. roncryderman

    I am 6′5″ and this was the first mod I did to my 5th wheel shower stall. I now enjoy comfortable elbow room. I found my rod mod on E-Bay at:

  7. campnqueen

    I could not find a curved rod or fold out shower rod to fit our Cherokee Gray Wolf 19RR toy hauler. So I use a thin, CHEAP ($2.00) spring curtain rod to hold the shower curtain out away for us while we shower. When it dies or gets rusty.. just run to the Dollar Store and buy another one. Our shower is 40″ wide so it’s an easy fit!

  8. rtfrench

    I installed the curved shower curtain rod in place of the straight track for the bunk-room divider. THe divider was “cutting the corner” and the curtain draped over the edge of the lower bed. With this curved rod, I added a wee bit more privacy for the guests sleeping in the rear of our TT. Just find a nice THICK cloth shower curtain to match your decor and all is well. For the shower, I went with the 3 piece, twice-hinged shower extender rod that folds into the tub area when not in use (purchased at the local RV supply shop). Our bathroom is a little small and the shower curtain protruding into the room disturbed the little lady just a bit.

  9. RVnewbie

    I did this mod using the same type as “rtfrench” mentioned above for @ $40. Great thing about this one is you can “fold” it in, over the tub and hang items on it to dry, as well as getting more room.

  10. Jimbo

    The one that folds is nice, but there is an optimum space that it accommodates: longer than that and the extra space decreases, shorter than that and it won’t fold inside the tub area. In any configuration it doesn’t provide as much extra space as the offset shower curtain rod by C.i.i. RV Specialties. The best approach is to determine whether your most important consideration is more space or more flexibility.

  11. daveinwa

    I installed a shower curtain rod with 3 pieces, and hinges, so it folds into the shower when not in use, from a RV web site. The shower was too small before. This is a great mod.

  12. Jimbo

    Hi, daveinwa. Check out my July 2 comment.

  13. patty k

    Just purchased a 2012 t@b with outside shower. Has anyone figured out how to instal a curved shower curtain rod on the outside that will fold flat to the camper when traveling?

  14. rjshay

    We started out with a fan-folded hard plastic straight curtain that limited elbow room..took that out and put in a regular shower curtain and small spring end-type rod that we push out easily when we shower and pull back into straight alignment when not in use. No problem with water going around the edge as the extra curtain material is gathered into the last holder on each end. Now we have lots of room and the cost was $6 for the rod and $10 for the curtain.

  15. Sue

    I tried ordering this shower rod and it did not work in a corner shower. It will go back. I needed something bigger in order to curve correctly and actually make the shower space larger. So I played around a little and came up with a little trick with shoestrings and safety pins that was very inexpensive and I did not have to drill any holes! I made a little video here:

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    [...] We removed our shower curtain rod and attached it against the back wall to hang things like shampoo, wash cloths, etc. from, I use a small plastic tub in the bath, to rinse underwear and socks, which I also hang from the back rod on a Small Plastic Umbrella Shaped Clothes-horse Drying Rack Clip Hanger. We put a curving rod at the front to give more space. Mod #48: Curved Shower Curtain Rod. [...]

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