Mod #45: Closet Shelves

Mod #45: Closet Shelves

Submitted on: 07/22/08

     Category: interior, storage
Mod Rating: 12345

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Mod Description:

What? Hanging clothes for camping? Why, that’s just unheard of. Most RVs have plenty of closet space, sometimes too much. Yet even though your RV may have a large wardrobe or closet for hanging clothes, the manufacturers rarely make the best of all the usable space within them. That’s where the closet shelves mod comes in.

Mod Difficulty:

One popular way to maximize unused space in your closet is to install sliding baskets. These are typically used in a residential kitchen to organize a pantry or to reduce clutter in kitchen cabinets. But they work quite well at storing clothing. Many come with adjustable frames to fit the tall and narrow closets usually found on either side of the bed, and have anywhere from 2 to 5 baskets. The baskets slide out on ball bearing rails and can hold a surprising amount of weight.

Another option, if you have a wide but shallow wardrobe, is to install individual shelving. This takes a little more effort in that you will have to come up with a way to support the shelves. One way is to use some half inch hardwood strips and attach them along the back and sides of the wardrobe where you want to place the shelves, as well as behind the divider support between the two doors. This way, you can just set the shelves down on the supports without having to secure them. This makes for an easy removal in the event you want to change around the shelving.

Now you will be wondering how you are going to wear all the clothes you can now take with you!

TipShelving and wire baskets can be used for more than just organizing closet storage. Look around your RV and chances are you will find other areas you can add a shelf or basket to, like under the bathroom sink, or even a dinette bench.

ModMyRV recommends these parts for this mod:
11 Inch Rubbermaid Slide-N-Stack Base White
Straight Instant Shelf Kits - 36″ Oak

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10 Comments For This Mod

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  1. Bob Vaughn

    My TT pantry had 3 adjustable shelves…If you put something in the back that is where it stayed until you took all the stuff off the shelf in front of it…..I removed all the hard ware from the walls and put installed shims for 5 drawers. I went to Lowes and bought long drawer slides and mounted these on the shims I then built shelves with a back and low sides and a front….I staggered the shelves so that large items like cereal boxes and spagetti containers went on the top shelf…the bottom shelf is the small cans etc…..these shelves can be pulled out to retrieve the stuff in the back. While I was at it I made inventory lists to mount on the door so I could check what was supposed to be in the pantry. That way when it comes time to hit the road just the refrigerated stuff has to be added….the list also gives me a ready made shopping list because when I remove something I check it off the list then take that with me when I go shopping…..

  2. ModMyRV

    Have any pictures of this mod? I’m interested in doing it. If you do you have some pictures, you should post them in the Member Mods forum with a write up!

  3. Bob Vaughn

    Here are the photos of my pull out shelves, one is of the pantry door closed and the next is with the shelves pulled all the way out….as you can see there are tall things on the top and short things on the bottom….I went from 3 fixed shelves to 5 pull out shelves. My wife loves it..

  4. ModMyRV

    That’s really nice work Bob. Very functional. Do you have any trouble with items on the sliding drawers falling over when traveling? How tall are the sides of each drawer?

  5. Bob Vaughn

    No nothing falls off….the sides are about 2″ tall… the sides are next to the walls when the shelves are pushed in so they can’t fall over…they are the cats pajamas…My next mod is to make a slide out shelf in the bottom cabinet to hold the trash can….

  6. tredd2

    Where did you purchase these pull out shelves?

  7. Linda

    Was wondering were you can get the 5 drawer wire shelves and what size they are.

  8. grammy39

    Where do I buy the five basket, narrow shelves and what is the size?

  9. JustPassingThrough

    I found the 5 Drawer Basket Kit made by ClosetMaid on, which is what one of these mods seems to be. IKEA also makes a similar item for a fraction of the price.

  10. Smokinbunny79

    I have to say that I am very impressed with all the modifications from you and the other community members but I LOVE this one. I am a amateur travel trailer owner, bought a used very badly beat up one 6 months ago & have been doing repairs. This is the answer to living out of my suitcase!! Thank you so much

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