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Mod #38: Furnace Screen

Posted By Mark Corgan On July 15, 2008 @ 6:01 am In exterior, heating | 14 Comments

The external furnace vent openings are inviting holes for critters to enter and nest in. Mud daubers, wasps, mice and small birds are only a few of the various types of creatures that will find these openings and make themselves a nice little home, especially if you store your RV and don’t use it for awhile. Over time, this can block the vent openings and thus render your RV furnace, at worst, unusable. But, if by some miracle your furnace vent is not completely blocked and does work, you will be in for a smelly surprise when the critter’s little home (and the critter!) ignites and its remains melt to the walls of the vent pipe.

Mod Difficulty:

The furnace screen (or mud dauber screen as it is often called) mod is just the solution to this problem. Fabricated out of heavy duty stainless steel, it fits perfectly over your RV furnace vent pipe opening located on the side of your RV. This protective screen will prevent such creatures as mud dauber wasps, bees, hornets, mice and other small rodents, as well as small birds, etc. out of your furnace vent pipe(s).

The furnace screen is easy to install, and requires no special tools. Using a screw driver, remove the screws holding the furnace access door. Open or remove the access door and place the furnace screen in the framed opening of the intake/exhaust opening. The screen bubble should protrude through the exhaust port opening. Close the access door and replace the screws. The furnace screen is simply held in place when the access door is closed. This install assumes you have a single vent hole. Other furnace vents will require a different screen type based on the type of furnace.

Maintenance should be performed semi-annually where the screen should be inspected for cleanliness. If debris is observed, remove and clean the screen. Also, the screen should be visually inspected during any pre-trip walk-around to ensure that nothing such as dirt or leaves is blocking the vent opening, which will prevent normal operation of the furnace.

TipYou can also purchase screens to protect your RVs water heater and refrigerator vent openings. The refrigerator vent screen takes a little more effort to install but is definitely a worthwhile mod.

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