Mod #35: A/C Heat Strip

Mod #35: A/C Heat Strip

Submitted on: 07/12/08

     Category: cooling, heating
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Mod Description:

Even in the middle of summer, there can still be a chill in the air during those early morning hours. If you have a non-ducted air conditioner (A/C), chances are it has the facility to add a heating element to it, which can assist your furnace in warming up your RV quickly. An A/C with a heating element you say? Yes! That’s what this mod is all about.

Mod Difficulty:

The heat strip is really a coil that runs on AC power and provides 1500 watts or 5600 BTUs of heating power, similar to that of an electric floor heater. The A/C blower blows air over the element and out the ducts, providing uniform heat throughout the your RV. It can be used either with or without your RV furnace and can help reduce the furnace from cycling as often in colder temps.

The heat strip is mounted inside the A/C air outlet box and is installed by simply removing the air outlet cover, plugging in the heat strip in to the factory-provided receptacle, screwing on the element bracket, and replacing the cover. It’s that easy! And while you have the cover off, check the foam filter and clean it as necessary.

ModMyRV recommends these parts for this mod:
Heat Strip Kits for Duo Therm A/C

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12 Comments For This Mod

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  1. samlaura1998

    i never knew this could be done! how well does this work? does it put out heat like a regular heater, like one of those little cube heaters?

  2. ModMyRV

    My personal tests show that it works fairly well (all relative to your own comfort) down to about 50F without using the furnace. I used a Dometic non-ducted A/C unit in a 21 ft. TT. If you put your hand up to the air vent while the heating element is on, you don’t really feel hot air like you might with a ceramic heater. But it does work!

  3. Bob Vaughn

    I did this mod to my last TT but my present TT is controlled by a wall thermostat and there is no heating element availiable for my model AC…..

  4. rdolan5

    I did this however, I bought a replacement bi-metal adjustable thermostat at a local hardware store that was made for an electric baseboard heater. I drilled a hole on the side of the indoor cowling and mounted it where it was in the outlet air flow. I spliced it into the power lead of the heat strip. Now my heat strip cycles on and off depending on where I set the adjustment. I marked the knob so I know where the 72 degree setting is on the knob. Works great and lets me use the heat strip instead of my propane heater, Saves LP! Heats my whole 25′ camper even in 40 degree outside temperatures! I live in Arkansas and camp 9 months of the year.

  5. ModMyRV

    Hey that’s a cool (no pun intended) way to mod your A/C. Have any pictures? I would like to do the mod this way. Maybe post in the forums? Thanks.


    Completed this mod today, 34 degrees outside and now 62 degrees inside, this is without the propane furnace running. Best $47.00 I ever spent.

  7. killamajig

    I like this mod, but have a ducted system. I do put a Pelonis Disc furnace (little ceramic cube) heater on my stove and point the hot air towards the A/C intake. Then I run the fan on the a/c system without the furnace or a/c and it keeps the 29′ camper nice and warm. I have yet to go above 1/4 heat setting without waking up sweating in the middle of the night.

    You really don’t feel hot air come out of the ducts but the thermometer on the wall shows it works quote well.

    I just have to remember to shut it off if I want to use the microwave AND the electric element in the water heater is active.

  8. SEAN

    I installed the heat strip in my rv its a non-duct unit. it really does work well. but my question is that my unit does not have a wall thermostate, and I want to install one. does any one know how this is done? and what parts I need to buy? I have a duo therm unit. I want to be able to control the a/c and heater where it will shut off and on. thanks

  9. Michelle shepard

    I have a carrier Tranicold unit on my horse trailer. I would like to replace the heating assembly. Carrier has gone out of business . My assembly is 120v/60HZ/1phase.1.6 KW the model # is 71Rh6A44050. Do you think the mod#35 will work on my ac? Thanks michelle

  10. Andrew

    To lillamajig

    There is a version designed for ducted furnaces. I can t remember the name but if you google RV electric heat you should find it.

  11. wayneleake

    While searching for the heater assembly, I saw units for ducted as well as at least two types of non ducted AC units.
    I checked the model number on mine,a nd made sure that the assembly was for the series I have.
    It looks pretty much, remove intake cover and filter, screw unit in place, plug in the AC cable, replace cover and filter, and you should be all set.
    I suggest a test at that time, to be sure unit is working.

  12. wayneleake

    I have mine installed now.
    It does put out plenty of heat.
    Only drawback I seem to see is it is either on or off, no temp control.
    But, it along with a ceramic heater on low got it too warm in here early today.
    Once the bottom covers were off, it was an easy install, no drilling, only one notch to remove for the electric cable for it.
    Basically, only need screwdriver, and maybe pliers to remove material at the notch.
    The instructions that came with it did NOT show the location of the notch.
    Other than that good.
    Kit is for a few different models, and in my instance, I have a metal screen that was for a different unit model.

    It does work quite well.
    Will allow me to stay cozy in here.

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