Mod #34: Window Tinting

Mod #34: Window Tinting

Submitted on: 07/11/08

     Category: exterior
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Mod Description:

If you are an average RVer, you will spend over five weeks and 2,700 miles in your RV this year. It becomes your “home away from home” as well as your transportation. Comfort is very important to you and window tinting is an excellent way to improve comfort by reflecting heat, reducing glare, and protecting your RVs interior from fading. You can even save fuel by not having to run your air conditioning as much!

Mod Difficulty:

Window tint or film, can be applied using just a few tools, like a spray bottle, utility knife, and a squeegee, so most anyone can do this mod. And with a little patience, you can have a professional looking tint job in just a few hours. Also, every manufacturer has a slightly different method for installation so be sure to follow their included instructions.

There are a few things to consider when choosing tint or film for your RV. First, consider how much privacy you want. As a rule of thumb, the lighter the film, the less your privacy. The shinier (more reflective) the film, the more your daytime privacy. At night, ALL films will appear more or less reflective inside, depending upon the brightness of your indoor lighting. People will easily be able to see inside your RV so for privacy at night, just pull your draperies or blinds closed.

The second thing to consider is how dark you want the film to be. Tinting film is measured by how much sunlight is allowed to pass through. For example, if you have film that is rated at 30, then only 30% of the sunlight is allowed through. As a reference, limousines commonly use 2% tint, a very low percentage which is why you can’t see in. But the lower the number, the less you will be able to see out. If you like the view, go with a higher percentage.

Thirdly, consider the color of the tint. Films come in metalized (more reflective) bronze and silver as well as non-metalized (less reflective) smoke gray. Darker metalized films offer the most privacy while lighter non-metalized films offer a lot of UV and glare reduction while still providing good viewing properties.

Finally, make sure you use residential type tinting film. It is specifically designed for flat surfaces and is chemically different than automotive type tint, offering a stronger, more permanent type of adhesive. If you do opt for automotive tint, ensure you don’t go below 30% as cracking of your RV windows could happen during high temperatures.

ModMyRV recommends these parts for this mod:
RV Tint Window Film
C P Films, Inc. LEG361 Gila Heat Control Insulating Window Film
Gila Complete Window Tint Application Kit

General Reference
Prepare Your RV for Spring and Summer Travel with Window Film

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4 Comments For This Mod

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  1. Bob Vaughn

    Over the years I have given a lot of thought to doing this mod but would not tackle it because of how hard it is to get to the windows….there is the valances to contend with plus having to lean over the kitchen counters and the beds in front of windows and sofa’s and dinette tables to contend with…some screens are not removable so that would be something to deal with….I am not that amber-dexterous.

  2. jmt

    Don’t most newer RV’s come with tinted windows?

  3. Travis

    Did mine. Used 2.5% limo tint. Mine were not tinted at all and it really helps in the summer. It is also good for sleeping when the sun comes peeking in.

  4. 4rjbrooks

    this was well worth the time and energy to do. I don’t need to run the ac as much as because the heat is kept out, but unlike with blinds I can still look outside and watch the kids playing, while I’m inside getting the goods ready for the BBQ. I feel this is one of the most important mods out there, and I wish I had done it years ago. also helps with privacy when you are inside changing clothes.

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