Mod #29: Flag Pole Mount

Mod #29: Flag Pole Mount

Submitted on: 07/03/08

     Category: exterior, featured
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Mod Description:

Whether it’s the American flag, your state flag, a holiday flag, or your favorite NASCAR driver’s flag, RVers love to love to fly their flags. And there are some pretty creative ways to mount them too. Everything from under-tire mounts to 5th wheel stabilizer mounts to ladder clamps to frame clamps to awning mounts to receiver mounts to tongue jack clamps, well you get the picture.

Mod Difficulty:

Popular among the class A and C crowds is the receiver mount which slides in to the tow hitch receiver. This provides a clean look and is a very easy to setup. Simply insert the mount in to the receiver, insert the flag pole in to the holder, and tighten the flag pole set screw. This type of mount can handle a pretty good breeze too so you won’t have to worry much in windy conditions.

Another popular way to secure your flag pole is the ladder mount. This requires a little more upfront work but works for a wide variety of RVs. The lower part of the flag pole is permanently clamped to the roof ladder on the back of the RV. The portable upper pole that holds the flag is then slid in to the lower flag pole mount, which requires you to climb up the ladder. You can also check out the roof condition while you’re up there too. This setup also holds up well in windy conditions but depends on how well the upper pole is secured to the lower pole.

If you want to fly several flags you can use the awning arm support flag mount. This provides a way to mount two flags, one on each awning arm, and are very easy to install. The flags are at an angle though so they don’t fly as high but it looks nice nevertheless.

Lastly, and perhaps the simplest way to secure a flag stand, is to use a stand that is designed to be held in place by your tow vehicle or RV’s tire. It has a square metal base about a foot in size with a pole holder on it, that you place your tire on. Unless you move your vehicle, it’s not going anywhere.

ModMyRV recommends these parts for this mod:
Flag Pole Buddy Complete Polycarbonite Kit
20′ Telescoping Flagpole With Foot Mount

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2 Comments For This Mod

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  1. Bob Vaughn

    We have flag holders that affix to the front of our TT….I would like to have a large flag pole for a large flag on the front of our camper but have not found anything that will do what I want it to do….

  2. ken howe

    looking at the awning unit looking at mill one out of nylon

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