Mod #28: Entrance Assist Handle

Mod #28: Entrance Assist Handle

Submitted on: 07/02/08

     Category: exterior
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Mod Description:

The entrance assist handle is a nice convenience, especially if you have a high first step in to your RV. Often times when you level your RV, the curb side of the RV is higher than the street side. This can make the first step quite high. You can add another portable step and this will help quite a bit. However, the assist handle mod will make things even easier.

Mod Difficulty:

Most RVs have a plastic assist handle from the factory but are really too small and uncomfortable to use when you grip them. Replacement handles have soft-grip foam surrounding the handle and are much larger in size. They also fold flat by lifting up on the handle and rotating them to the left, which stows them for travel.

Installation is quite simple. If you already have the small plastic handle installed, you can install the replacement right over the top of it. Well, not literally. You will have to use new mounting holes. But the original can stay in place. You can remove it if you like but then you must fill the mounting holes and sometimes that be somewhat unsightly.

Chances are that where you locate the new mounting holes, there will be some framing to screw in to, since the old handle is mounted to this framing. If in doubt, contact your RV manufacturer to ensure there is proper backing where the new mounting holes will be. Drill pilot holes before screwing in the screws. Use the recommended size drill for the screws that came with the assist handle. Put some caulking in to the screw holes before securing the handle. Secure the handle and prepare for you new found assist handle comfort!

TipAssist handles are also available with a lighted handle, however they are not foldable. They look very attractive though and are a nice alternative to the standard grab handles.

ModMyRV recommends these parts for this mod:
RV Folding Entrance Assist Handle - White
RV Lighted Entrance Assist Handle

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10 Comments For This Mod

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  1. Bob Vaughn

    An added advantage to this mod is you can close it over the door so the door can’t possibly come open going down the road…..

  2. ModMyRV

    That’s a great idea Bob, one that I had not thought of! Now every time I go camping and put the entrance handle in front of the door while underway, I’m certain I will see your gravatar in my head. :)

  3. Bob Vaughn

    I got a little aggressive when I started to drill the holes to mount it….I drilled into the camper….so I marked the bit so I would not go too far…

  4. jmt

    Don’t most new RV’s come with this standard?

  5. Bob Vaughn

    This is how I go down the road with my assist. handle closed over the door so it won’t come open…and no jmt most rv’s do not come with this standard…

  6. tvman44

    Our 5er came with this and my DW loves it, had the 5er not come with it she would have had me installing one pretty quick.

  7. tgrshaw

    My old legs just ain’t what they used to be. I put one of these on my 1979 Itasca and it made getting in and out for us soooo much easier. I also put a hand-hold bar (from Camping World) on the screen door for additional support.

  8. chili7

    I have one that came installed and with my metal knee, it is a big help. Recently, both bolts that hold the top and bottom of the railing came loose and it can now pull out if you lift it straight up. Is there a trick to rebolting the rail back on the mounts? Seems to be spring loaded and lining it up so the bolt heads can be turned requires a trick. Also, the bolt heads are recessed, so when finished, they are flush. Any help is appreciated.

  9. mike

    you will want to drill drain holes in the bottom of each bracket. I took mine off today because the clip rusted and the hole bar came up. There was a ton of water in there. Not good. I am going to replace it with a new one since now I have holes to fill up. They say you can replace the post with a ss bolt. I couldnt get the caulking off the bracket and the foam is coming off anyways. The new one will have a drail hole for sure. The o ring will fail or come off over time. The clips will rust and break.

  10. Jack Price

    Have one to install on an ‘05 TrailVision that is steel clad. The mounts that hold the rail, straddle the raised portions of the siding. Should I fabricate a block to go under the plastic ends between the raised steel portions? Or will it be secure by resting on the tops of the raised portions? I am thinking the screws should draw it down enough to be secure without the additional block???

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