Mod #26: Diamond Plate Rock Guard

Mod #26: Diamond Plate Rock Guard

Submitted on: 06/30/08

     Category: exterior
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Mod Description:

If you have a travel trailer or toy hauler, you know that rock chips are a continuing problem for the front of your RV. Even using mud flaps or a protective guard on your tow vehicle, debris can still get through. The diamond plate rock guard mod can help drastically reduce the damage caused by not only rocks but other sorts of debris you can encounter while traveling down the road. Most RV manufacturers offer a diamond plate rock guard as an option and more and more trailers are coming with them standard. But for those that don’t, you have a few ways you can accomplish this mod.

Mod Difficulty:

There are many colors, thicknesses, styles, and materials diamond plate can be obtained in. Some travel trailers are curved at the bottom of the front cap. In this case, you should consider the thickness of the plate. The thinner the better as it will bend much more easily than thicker plate. It will also be easier to cut if you happen to buy a larger piece of plate than necessary.

Fastening the diamond plate can be done by either using screws or glue. If you choose to use screws, use countersunk finishing washers. They really help give this mod a nice professional look. Using glue can give a cleaner look but consider that you only get one chance to get the plate fitted to the front cap. The glue you need to use sets up pretty quickly so make sure you do a dry fit first. I know this mod is so exciting that you just can’t wait to fit that shiny new plate, but have a little patience and you will be rewarded with appealing rock protection for the long haul.

ModMyRV recommends these parts for this mod:
Aluminum - Diamond Tread - Alloy - 6061 T6 - 0.1 x 2×8′
Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive 16.5 Oz.
#8 x 5/8″ Chrome Trim Screw w/Countersunk Washer 15 Pack
#6 Stainless Steel Finishing Washers (100 Per Package)

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7 Comments For This Mod

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  1. Bob Vaughn

    I wonder if doing this mod adds any weight to the front of the trailer…..I also wonder if this would be advisable to an rv that has a gel coat fiberglass front….

  2. Gary J.

    Aluminum is very light and a 2′ by 8′ piece would only weigh a few pounds, at most. This is a mod I intend to do, before next season.

  3. John P.

    What is the best method to cut it? I was thinking about putting the plate over the storage hatches but those are rectangle shaped with curved edges.

  4. ModMyRV

    Hey cool idea! Never thought of putting diamond plate over the storage doors. The diamond plate shown in the mod is made from thin gauge aluminum and can be radius cut using a jig saw with a fine metal cutting blade. Be sure to post pics when you do this mod. :)

  5. tujunga1

    Just bought a Jayco Jay Flight travel trailer with a cool looking diamond plate rockguard. Had it 10 days now. We took it on vacation last week and as we came home today hit something in the road. That cool rockguard got punctured and now we have to see about getting it fixed. We found that there was nothing under the guard but insulation, which makes us feel ripped-off. The stuff is very thin, and probably won’t stop too many rocks. We plan to get some thicker plate and see if some plywood or something can be put behind it. I don’t really think the thin stuff is much more than something pretty to look at. Wish it had been more useful! Just sayin!

  6. Grizzz42

    Our mod is slightly different. Instead of the metal we have gray rubber grooved floor runner on the front of our fifth wheel.

  7. gehmann

    We just bought a 2013 Jay Flight by jayco, the so called diamond plate fell OFF!!! (imploded) while we were driving on I75 at 70 mph. there is nothing be hide it but fiberglass insulation and its like .20 of an inch thick not really any protection. I had to replace the hole 2′x8′ piece I got a new piece at Rodger dean supplies for 75$ its like .630 thick 3 x as thick and not heave at all. date 11/22/14 notified Jayco no answer yet…….camper not even 2 years old.

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