Mod #25: Ceiling Vent Cover

Mod #25: Ceiling Vent Cover

Submitted on: 06/29/08

     Category: exterior
Mod Rating: 12345

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Mod Description:

The vent cover mod is a great way to cut down on odors in your RV as well as provide ventilation on those hot days. If you have stored your RV for any length of time, you know that odors can build up inside the RV, especially if you cannot open your ceiling vents because of rain or excessive dust. Vent covers allow you to keep your vents open in virtually any weather condition, reducing that musty smell than can accumulate over a lengthy storage time.

Mod Difficulty:

Vent covers can also assist with ventilation during hot weather. Some vent covers are configured with a large multi-speed fan which provides excellent airflow through the RV. Just open a window or other ceiling vent at the opposite end from where the vent cover w/fan is installed, turn on the vent fan, and you get a nice breeze through your RV.

We all know what the best reason is to use the power vent fan for though, right? The standard bathroom vent fan is puny compared to the vent cover fans available. It can take a while to get the odoriferous emanations from the bathroom to clear out using the stock fan. Adding a vent cover with an integrated fan can have your RV smelling great in just a few moments. And your guests will be none the wiser.

ModMyRV recommends these parts for this mod:
Maxxair Translucent White Vent Cover
Maxxair Fan/Mate Vent Cover

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10 Comments For This Mod

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  1. Bob Vaughn

    I went to CW and bought a vent cover….I purchased the one I did because there was a large sign that stated no tools required for installation…..When I got it home and opened it up I realized that some one had put the sign on the wrong vent cover…So rather than take it back I broke out my drill and screwdriver and climbed up on the roof of my RV……10 years ago this would have been no problem.but I was waiting to have surgery on my belly button. The job was not intense just aggravating…

  2. jmt

    Which cover did you buy Bob? I’m thinking about the newer style maxx. Just looks cool and seems to work pretty darn good.

  3. tvman44

    Put these on as soon as we got the 5er, I hardly ever close the vent.

  4. kutarheel

    On our way to the FMCA Convention in Bowling Green, OH, last month we left our Fantastic Fan open when we went out to dinner and came back to a wet bed from the rain that popped up while we were out. So we were going to buy a Maxxair vent cover at the convention until we talked to a Fantastic Vent vendor who said NOT to use a vent cover as it would cut down the air flow by 60%. I’m researching having our fan upgraded to one with a rain sensor.

  5. blacknugget

    We installed Maxxair covers on our fiver as soon as we bought it. It is much better having the vents open while driving, as our pooch rides in a crate in the fiver.

    The OEM vents darn near rip off when doing 65mph on the highways. Don’t trust leaving those open while driving, although I have seen others doing it. This was out main motivation for adding the covers, along with the thought of a dry bed!

  6. Captain Slappy

    My Dad got some of these for his TT. They work great on rainy days.
    I went with some different “off brands” in mine, and they work just the same. The point is: Get some if you don’t got some. Makes quite a bit of difference. Note: Don’t do like me and replace OEM vents with other ones, and then FORGET to put them in the right way, as mine now open BACKWARDS to the front of the trailer. Lucky me, it doesn’t matter, I am a full time resident…

    But…being “detail oriented”, those original vents got covered with Eternabond, and I am NOT going to pull them up. Instead, I just switched the vent covers around, and it still allows you to open the vents about an 1″ and a 1/2. Oh well. I will live with it!

  7. Douglas

    I had previously installed these vent covers on my previous 5th wheel trailer, and am not about to add them to my new one. The vent covers come with 90 degree elbow brackets that you use to connect between the metal roof opening and the plastic (new Vent covers). These brackets are exposed to the elements, they are secured tightly in place and can be a problem. The 5th wheel camper I had it’s rubber roof lining adhesive began to detatch itself and caught on the metal bracket and ripped. The 5th wheel was 2-3 yrs old, No one would take responsibility, even after I identified the problem to the dealer prior to the tear I was told 10yr warranty covered this issue then they pushed it off onto the manufacture they would not cover problem, so I was out the repair cost that the warranty would not cover $4,500.
    For you sceptics out there yes it was installed correctly.
    Oh ya dont buy Keystone Mountaineers Trailers they dont stand behind there product!!!!!

  8. Grizzz42

    I (my wife did the work… she’s much lighter) installed them on our 5th wheel. Now my parents have them, my sister has them, and the six couples my parents camp with have them… greatest mod ever. And for the record, we went with the white Campco units, although some went with silver or black to cut down on light and to match their units.

  9. amsoiltek

    Installed this and the MaxxFan Deluxe. Was an easy install took about 2 hrs. Wish the remote had a backlit LCD.

  10. piercej63

    I did this Mod, ordered the Camco for $20 on, easy to put on, works fantastico. ordered a 2nd one for the bathroom.

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