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Mod #24: Bumper Mount Cargo Carrier

Posted By Mark Corgan On June 28, 2008 @ 8:19 am In exterior, featured | 12 Comments

The bumper-mount cargo carrier is great way to haul some of the bigger things you just can’t put inside your tow vehicle, like generators, gas cans, BBQs, and even coolers. But there are some limitations you should consider before you do this mod. Weight is a big concern and must be carefully accounted for when hauling anything on the rear of your RV. Having too much weight on the rear of your RV can adversely affect its handling, particularly when you have a towable RV, as well as the potential for bumper failure if not modified to handle the additional weight.

Mod Difficulty:

Class A, class C, and truck campers have a distinct advantage in that they already (or most likely) have a frame-mounted receiver hitch so a cargo carrier can be easily mounted and weight is not so much a concern. It’s when you want to add a cargo rack to a 5th wheel or travel trailer that makes this mod a little more involved.

You have a few options here. Have a welder build a custom rack on the rear of the frame or use an adjustable width hitch/receiver and bolt the hitch to the rear of the frame. Much will depend on what you want to haul. If you want to transport some lightweight but bulky stuff, then the adjustable hitch should work well. Anything heavier, like a generator, you should have a welder build something up designed for the weight you want to carry.

There are many types of platforms you can use for hauling your cargo. These fit in to a 2″ receiver and are usually used for SUVs but can be used in the same manner on the back of your RV. Try to find the lightest weight carrier possible. Aluminum or polyethylene carriers are super lightweight but tend to be a little more expensive than their steel counterparts. If you need a lockable carrier, Stowaway makes a really nice weatherproof enclosed carrier that swings out for easy access. But keep in mind that these are much heavier and have less capacity than the standard basket carriers.

TipTo reduce cargo carrier movement over bumps, use a hitch tightener device. This device bolts on to the carrier’s main tube and clamps together the carrier and the receiver, reducing carrier movement and possible receiver failure.

ModMyRV recommends these parts for this mod:
StowAway2 Fixed Cargo Rack
StowAway2 LT Hitch-Coupling Tightener
RV Bumper Hitch/Receiver
Adjustable/Expandable Hitch/Receiver
High-rise fixed frame carrier for ground clearance

Cargo Carriers
Generator STO Cargo Carrier (GearDeckā„¢ 17)
Wide Assortment of Hitch-Mounted Cargo Carriers

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