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Mod #23: Bumper Hatch

Posted By Mark Corgan On June 27, 2008 @ 6:22 am In exterior | 5 Comments

If you never want to lose your rear bumper rubber end caps again, then this simple mod is for you. Although the bumper end caps generally have a little nub on the top and bottom that fits in to the holes on the end of the bumper, the caps are notorious for falling off. And then there’s the friendly driver on the road that pulls up next to you to tell you your sewer hose is dangling out of your bumper and flopping all over the highway.

Mod Difficulty:

Installing the bumper hatch is easy. The kit you buy comes with two hatches and some screws to secure the hatches to the bumper. If you’re one who considers both form and function, you can either secure the hatches with the provided screws or you can glue them in place with some clear or black silicone placed around the part of the hatch that inserts in to the bumper. Either way, these won’t be falling off any time soon.

To operate, simply slide your sewer hose in to the bumper as usual and snap the bumper hatch door closed. Be sure to do this for both sides of the bumper. To open, pull on the hatch door on the opposite side of the hatch hinge and it pops right open. This is one of the simplest mods you can do and doing it makes sure you arrive at your campsite with the stinky slinky in tow.

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