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Mod #11: Marinco AC Receptacle

Posted By Mark Corgan On June 15, 2008 @ 6:14 am In electrical, featured | 18 Comments

Tired of stuffing your shore power cord through the little mouse hole on the side of your RV into a compartment that the cord was never designed to easily fit in to? What about when it’s cold out and the cord is stiffer than a wood stick? Modding your RV with a Marinco power inlet receptacle can help you cope with all the stress and aggravation of something seemingly so simple to do.

Mod Difficulty:

Installation is actually easier than coiling up your shore power cord. Marinco makes a nice kit which includes everything necessary for changing over to the receptacle-type power inlet. It contains the receptacle, gaskets, screws, and a 30 or 50 amp female connector, depending on your RV power center rating. When you cut the power cord during installation of the kit, the female connector attaches to the end of the cord, allowing you to keep your cord instead of buying an expensive replacement.

Start off this mod by removing the screws and mouse hole plug housing. Slide the housing down the cord enough so you can make a cut in the cord about 12-18″ from where the cord exits the sidewall. Strip the wires on each end of the cut. Attach the wires from the cord sticking out of the RV in to the color-coded receptacle and tighten the wire retaining screws. Slide the cord and receptacle in to the hole where the mouse hole plug used to be, lining up the screw holes with the original holes in the sidewall. Adapters are provided if the screws don’t line up or the hole is too large. You can use a little silicone between the sidewall and the receptacle or just use the gasket that came with the kit. Tighten the screws and your done!

All that’s left is to attach the color-coded female connector to the power cord and plug in. Be careful not force the connector in to the receptacle. There is 1 L-shaped spade terminal that must line up with the correct female counterpart on the connector. Line them up and push the connector in to the receptacle, giving a slight twist to the right once the connector is fully seated. This locks the connector in place. Twist the threaded ring on the receptacle so it threads on to the receptacle body. This makes sure that if you trip over the cord (we’ve all done it!) it won’t disconnect or damage the receptacle or cord, within reason of course. It also provides a weather-resistant seal in the event of rain.

ModMyRV recommends these parts for this mod:
Marinco / Park Power 301ELRV 30 AMP 125V standard RV inlet
Cordtec 30A 125V Inlet Socket 80425-SQWT
Conntek Parkpower 30FT 30A RV Plug to 30A Twist Lock Power Connector

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